We are committed to connecting you with the right resources, from dedicated teaching staff to a world class library and a range of co-curricular facilities. At BUITEMS, we invest on our support services to create a quality environment where you feel stimulated and strengthened.BUITEMS is an institution, filled with diverse, energetic, and talented group of students who are driven by their goals to grow and succeed. BUITEMS has over 11,000 students pursuing their academic pursuits across a range of disciplines. The diversity of students creates a unique atmosphere within BUITEMS.

“BUITEMS is a community known for its excellence”

At BUITEMS, we believe in fun every day, every milestone, every challenge, and every achievement around the year. There are many collaborative competitions and celebrations organized to make you feel being part of the family. Each day on campus there is an event engaging the BUITEMS family and visitors from outside. The scale of the events varies from attendance of a small group of participants to thousands of participants and spectators in the flagship events like the Olympiad, Quetta Literary Festival, and the Home Coming. The preparations for the events and the events days make an amazing atmosphere in the campus where every student and staff seems to be working with an exceptional bond.

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Work hard and have fun. As members of the BUITEMS family, the student, faculty and staff enjoy an exciting, vibrant and colourful life at BUITEMS.

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