BUITEMS Sub Campus
University College of Zhob, (UCoZ)

Education is essential for the socio-economic development of a nation. It plays an important role in human capital formation and accelerates economic growth through knowledge, skills, and creative strength of a society. The positive outcomes of education include reduction in poverty and inequality, improvement in health status and good governance in implementation of socioeconomic policies. For the promotion of contemporary education in the field of sciences and technology, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) was established in 2002.

The university since its inception is providing quality education, engaged the youth in productive activities, and training them to that how to face challenges of the future. At BUITEMS we believe in the transforming power of education. Now BUITEMS is expending his services to the least developed areas of the province. Establishment of University College of Zhob, a sub campus of BUITEMS is step towards the achievement of this broader objective.

The Primary objective of behind the establishment of this campus is to provide quality education to the students of Zhob and adjoining areas. This objective will be achieved in two stages, at first stage necessary facilitates are provided at a temporary building and classes were started from 10th of April, 2018. At the second Stage necessary infrastructure and allied facilitates will be provided at the permanent campus.

In the course of national success and prosperity, the importance of higher educational institutions can never be repudiated. These institutions may serve as a center to a nation’s progress and socio-economic uplift. In such institutions special emphasis is given to research and creation of knowledge for the solution of the problems of the society that further paves the way for the sustainable growth and development.
One cannot remain ignorant to the great developments happening in the global world. The world is shrinking, communication expanding and the competition is increasing. The opening of new markets, surge in the demand of better and better products and the gradual exhaustion of the natural resources, all reinforce the importance of education and Research that only can comes up as a wonderful solution to all these problems posed. ..
In this era of knowledge economy the role of educational institutions are very important, as innovation and creation of problem solving knowledge have become the important elements for rapid and sustainable socioeconomic development. The days have gone when only natural resources were playing an important role in the development a country. Now countries are developed if they are rich in human capital. Nations are advanced if they are able to transform properly their human resources in to human capital. Countries are prosperous, if they have unleashed the creative ability that lies in their children and youth.
Furthermore, the higher education is of paramount importance for every society. It shapes the human capital and determines the destiny and problem solving strength of nations. Many countries are investing huge sums of money and resources in higher education and research to remain competitive in ever-changing world. Higher Education and Research thus holds cardinal importance not only to bring laurels for the nation that practices it but also for the entire humanity that is bestowed with new ways for tacking the problems.
Being a third world country , we need to put in extra efforts for catching up with the developed countries within the shortest possible time and thus quality education and research are undoubtedly the best means to this end. Establishment of the University College of Zhob, (UCoZ) a sub campus of BUITEMS, is a step toward the achievement of the holistic goal. UCoZ will contribute to Socio-Economic development of the region and work for the well-being of the humanity.

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Dr. Abdul Salam Lodhi

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