BUITEMS Sub Campus

BUITEMS, Sub Campus, Muslim Bagh is purpose-driven campus to produce leaders proficient of 'shaping tomorrow' amid the contests and demands of emerging markets and technological innovation. We strive to attract, train and develop our students as agents of ideas, change, innovation and a futuristic approach initiating change in a holistic environment besides the entire BSCM community in pursuit of personal, professional and academic experience through visualization to be the agents of organizational change through ethical decision-making, knowledge contest and model professional conduct. We are committed to upgrade and sustain the academic delivery system and institute’s infrastructure in tune with future requirements. As the world has observed sever changes and challenges post-covid-19, now it is time to pay particular attention and energies by upgrading our organization via latest technological equipments to compete with the emerging market players at par.

In Pakistan, since most of the public sector universities were built before the awareness of sustainable development concept, to achieve a sustainable campus is a challenge. Good governance and best practice is the key to achieve a sustainable campus. This could be achieved through active coordination and participation between the management, administrative and operational departments, and the academic department and its local community. ..
Moreover, the faculty and students should become active advocates in promoting the sustainable practices that can be adopted in daily living through research and community engagement activities, rather than just imposing the responsibility for sustainability to the administrators, builders and designers. The move towards sustainability is holistic in nature and requires the total involvement of all stakeholders, as this is our responsibility to future generations.
I wish BUITEMS Sub Campus Muslim Bagh, Qilla Saif Ullah, to be an educational institution whereby highly qualified graduates having qualities of innovations, visions and leadership are being produced by imparting quality and excellence in education.

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Babrak Ali Panezai

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