Faculty of Life Sciences & Informatics

The faculty of Life Sciences at BUITEMS feels pride in supporting efforts towards quality and excellence in education. Keeping this goal in mind, we started our journey in 2003 pioneering at the country level, undergraduate and graduate study programs in Biotechnology & Informatics. Today the faculty of Life Sciences houses three departments offering nine-degree programs. The study programs in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Environmental Science take care of the needs and problems of the society in its curricula and research. The undergoing projects of DNA forensics and molecular diagnostics laboratories are two of the leading examples.

We are known for highly qualified faculty members who are actively contributing both in teaching and research. The faculty has a global network of research collaborations on a range of themes from genetic diseases to biodiversity studies, medicinal plants, etc.

We’re proud of our inclusive, diverse and multicultural outlook with students and faculty members from all around Pakistan. We are keen to transform into an international outlook in future. Our focus is to help students become positively impactful internationally. For this purpose, we are investing in our human resource, curricula and research. Additionally, we are linking our faculty and students to the relevant industry: increasing relevance and employability of our graduates.

We are in an era of science where erstwhile boundaries of academic disciplines are blurred. Interdisciplinary research and education are, therefore, the slogan of the day. Simultaneously we have been observing a paradigm shift from basic research to applied research. To thrive in this age of transformations, we have to keep pace with the changes occurring globally in various disciplines of life sciences. The situation necessitates interdisciplinary research and teaching that is based on problems of our society. To be able to do so, inter and intra-university collaborations are needed. Today, the knowledge is to spread not to conceal. I, therefore, expect that our faculty and students will direct their energies in this direction to stay relevant in the days to come. Our priorities will be directing our efforts towards finding a cure for deadly diseases, increasing crop yield, providing a safer and cleaner form of energy and promoting awareness about the importance of biodiversity and climate change.

Dr. Nazeer Ahmed

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