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World Environment Day

On 05 June, World Environment Day was celebrated by the Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Life Sciences and Informatic, BUITEMS in consortium with the Forest and Wildlife Department, Government of Balochistan. It aimed to raise awareness and encourage action for the protection of the environment. The theme for this year, “Ecosystem Restoration”, guided various activities and events aimed at promoting environmental awareness and action within the university community and beyond.

The World Environment Day celebration started with the tree plantation drive which signified the positive collaboration between BUITEMS and the Forest and Wildlife department. It was concluded with prayers for the well-being of trees and conservation of the environment. After the tree planation drive, participants joined for the formal succession of the event at Pink Hall, BUITEMS. The event started with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran.

The Welcome Note was presented by Dean, Life Sciences and Informatics, BUITEMS, Professor Dr. Naeem Shahwani, by emphasizing on the active role of academia playing its role of the restoration of the environment. He also appreciated the role of the environment science department’s faculty and students for actively being involved in generating various initiatives in such a cause.

Project Director, Green Pakistan Up scaling Program (TBTTP) and Conservator of Quetta Division, Mr. Niaz khan Kakar gave a detailed Introduction to TBTTP Activities conducted in Balochistan. He highlighted significant developed that has been conducted in the province, such as converted barren land into agricultural land, flood reservoirs initiative, reforestation initiatives and 20 million grants for research students for engaging academia. The Secretary of the Forest & wildlife Department, Government of Balochistan, Dr. Dostain Jamaldini gave a very enlightening presentation on Environmental Issues of Balochistan and Role of forest Department. He discussed various initiatives undertaken by the department and shared new ideas with the participants for their keen involvement in environmental restoration.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr, Khalid Hafeez, BUITEMS shared his remarks regarding 5th June International World Environmental Day. He shared his thoughts on how individual efforts and small initiatives play a bigger impact in restoration of our environment. He also emphasized the current initiatives undertaken by the department of environmental Science, BUITEMS, including Zero Waste Management Plan. Pressing Environmental Issues of Balochistan and Role of Academia was discussed by the Chairperson, Department of Environmental Science, BUITEMS, Professor Dr. Anila Zafar. She shared important insight about Pakistan being 8th most vulnerable country from climate risk and how we need to play an important role for building resilience in our community. She also emphasized on monitoring carbon footprint at individual level, and how academia plays its role through active research, trainings and developments.

Program was concluded with the Vote of Thanks from Project Director, Niaz Kakar with overwhelming participation of students and faculty. The World Environment Day celebration at BUITEMS was a significant success, raising awareness about ecosystem restoration and promoting sustainable practices. The active participation of students, faculty, and the local community demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental conservation. Moving forward, sustained efforts and enhanced resources will be essential to maintain and build on this momentum.