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Sustainable Resource Consumption and Environmental Stewardship

One day seminar was conducted on Sustainable Resource Consumption and Environmental Stewardship" by the Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Life Sciences and Informatics in collaboration with WWF. With the recitation from the Holy Quran, the event commenced with the following insightful sessions:

Welcome Note and BUITEMS Overview on Environment Conservation strategies:
Prof. Dr. Naeem Shahwani, Dean of Life Sciences and Informatics BUITEMS emphasized on the importance of collective action in preserving natural resources through sustainable consumption. He empathized on the importance of collaborated stewardess with stakeholders of Balochistan.

Introduction to WWF-Pakistan and Environmental Conservation:
Mehak Sikander Coordinator Freshwater Programme, WWF-Pakistan, shared the vision, mission and contribution of WWF in Environmental Conservation in Pakistan. She also encouraged the students for their role in active research in innovation and development for sustainable solutions towards restoration, preservation and conservation of nature.

Pressing Environmental Issues of Balochistan and Role of Academia:
Prof. Dr. Anila Ali, Chairperson Department of Environmental Sciences, BUITEMS, discussed about the current environmental issues of Balochistan and strategies for academia engagement with policy makers, institutions, industries, communities.

Business Case:
Resource Conservation and Water Replenishment Projects of WWF, Pakistan was presented by Mr. Rashid Ahmed Manager, Freshwater Programme, WWF-Pakistan.

Vote of Thanks:
Prof. Dr. Khalid Hafeez, Vice Chancellor of BUITEMS, expressed gratitude to the attendees, organizers and contributors by acknowledging their support and commitment to environmental conservation. He also shared ideas for water conservation, rain harvesting and encouraged youth for their active contribution towards environmental conservation.

In essence, BUITEMS continues its commitment for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through collaborations and partnerships with various stakeholders and providing learning opportunities for the students.