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Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Khalid Hafeez Leads Engaging Session with BUITEMS Faculty

In a dynamic and interactive session held on May 31st, 2024, Prof. Dr. Khalid Hafeez, Vice Chancellor of BUITEMS, engaged with the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities (FSSH) and the Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) at Orange Hall. The event was organized by the Directorate of Communications and marked a significant step towards fostering academic excellence and collaborative growth at BUITEMS.
Participants: The session saw active participation from:

  • Dr. Abdul Rehman Khan, Pro Vice Chancellor
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Wadood, Dean, FSSH
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Raziq, Dean, FMS
  • ssociate Deans, Professors, and Lecturers from both faculties

Key Discussion Points: Prof. Dr. Khalid Hafeez outlined his visionary approach for BUITEMS, emphasizing several critical areas:

Learning and Teaching
Research and Commercialization
Marketing and Recruitment
Community Services

He stressed the importance of involving youth in applied research, underlining the necessity for BUITEMS faculty to formulate strategies for enhancing the quality of education and research. Prof. Dr. Khalid Hafeez also addressed the opportunities and challenges faced by BUITEMS, including:
Overcoming university challenges
Green campus initiatives
Enhancing research capabilities
Social responsibility
Increasing admissions
Faculty responsibilities toward students and research
Securing more scholarships
Promoting a paperless environment
Enhancing teacher quality

Commitment to Excellence: The Vice Chancellor and faculty members engaged in a constructive dialogue, reinforcing their commitment to prioritizing students' interests despite resource constraints and financial challenges. The session underscored the message that students are invaluable assets to BUITEMS, and the institution remains dedicated to maintaining excellence in education regardless of obstacles.

Conclusion: The event highlighted BUITEMS' student-centric approach and unwavering dedication to academic excellence. It was an inspiring gathering of educators uniting to ensure students receive the highest quality education, even in the face of challenges.