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Pakistan Literature Festival Day 2: A Showcase of Literary and Artistic Brilliance at BUITEMS

The second day of the Pakistan Literature Festival at BUITEMS (Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences) continued the celebration of literature, culture, and art with an impressive lineup of sessions. Here's a detailed report of all 18 sessions held throughout the day:

1. Higher Education in Balochistan: Where Do We Stand (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 10:00 AM):
Panelists discussed the current state of higher education in Balochistan, featuring notable figures such as Mukhtar Ahmed, Rahila Durrani, Khalid Hafeez, Zahoor Ahmed Bazai, Ghazi Salahuddin, Sadiqa Salahuddin, moderated by Syed Jaffar Ahmed.

2. Urdu Literature & Balochistan (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 11:00 AM):
The session explored the intersection of Urdu literature with Balochistan's cultural landscape, with panelists including Zia Ul Hassan Agha Gul, Mohsin Shakeel, and Qandeel Badar moderated by AR Daad.

3. Sindh Aur Balochistan Kay Rishtey (Orange Hall, 11:00 AM):
Panelists Madad Ali Sindhi, Noor Ul Huda Shah Kaleem Ullah Lashari, and Farooq Baloch delved into the historical and cultural ties between Sindh and Balochistan, facilitated by Ayoub Shaikh.

4. Balochistan Kay Ilmi Adabi Aur Saqafti Idare (Pink Hall, 11:00 AM):
The session focused on academic and literary institutions in Balochistan, featuring discussions led by Liaquat Sani, Barkat Shah Kakar Sharf Shaad, and Gulzar Gichki moderated by Hamid Baloch.

5. Excerpts of YBQ's Life (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 12:00 PM):
This session likely featured insights into the life and work of a prominent figure, possibly YBQ.

6. Yaadain Baatain: Celebrating Quetta "The City of Gardens" (Orange Hall, 12:00 PM):
Panelists Muneer Badini, Sadiqa Salahuddin Jamal Shah, Zafar Maira Farooq Baloch, and Quratulain Bakhtiari reminisced about Quetta's rich cultural heritage and history, moderated by Injeel Sahifa.

7. Tehzeeb Hafi Ki Shairi Aur Aaj Ka Naujawan, (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 1:00 PM):
Yasir Hussain likely hosted a session featuring engaging discussions or performances.

8. Aitraaf-e-Kamal: Tributes to Literary Stalwarts (Orange Hall, 1:00 PM):
Abdul Saboor Baloch (Mubarak Qazi) Beeram Ghori (Abdullah Jaan Jamaldini) AR Daad (Atta Shad) Waheed Zaheer (Abdur Rehman brahvi) Naseeb Ullah Seemab (Abdus Salam Ashazi) and Yar Jan Badini (Gul khan Naseer) paid tribute to literary giants, moderated by Sarwar Javed.

9. Session on Visual & Performing Arts (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 2:00 PM):
Noor Ul Huda, Jamal Shah Zafar Mairaj, Ayub Khoso, and Adnan Siddiqui explored various aspects of visual and performing arts, guided by Huma Mir.

10. Memories of Daniyal Tareer (Orange Hall, 2:00 PM):
Zia Ul Hassan, Bilal Aswad, and Awais Maloom likely shared memories and reflections on Daniyal Tareer's life and contributions moderated by Salman Peerzada.

11. Role of Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi in Modern Balochi Literature (Orange Hall, 2:30 PM):
Munir Momin, AR Daad, and Hamid Baloch discussed the significant contributions of Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi to Balochi literature, moderated by Ishaq Khamosh.

12. Role of National Media on Balochistan (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 3:00 PM):
The session analyzed the impact of national media on Balochistan, featuring prominent journalists and media personalities like Mazhar Abbas Saleem Safi, Shahid Rind, and Rafat Saeed, moderated by Absa Komal.

13. Talking About Mental Health at Workplace (Orange Hall, 3:00 PM):
Ghina Saleem, Arisha Zahoor Yasmeen Jogezi, and Marium Amjad discussed the importance of mental health awareness in the workplace, led by Asmat Kakar.

14. Iqbal Kay Noujawan (Pink Hall, 03:00 PM):
Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui presided over the session, and Abdul Rauf Rafiqui lectured on Iqbal hosted by Zia ul Hassan. 15. The One & Only Bushra Ansari: (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 4:00 PM):
Yasir Hussain likely hosted a session celebrating the iconic Bushra Ansari and her illustrious career.

16. State of Women (Orange Hall, 4:00 PM):
Sadiqa Salahuddin, Noor ul Huda Shah, Rubaba Khan, and Farah Azeem Shah likely discussed the current status of women, moderated by Uzma Alkarim.

17. The Creative Journey of Adnan Siddiqui (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 4:45 PM):
Participants likely explored the creative journey and achievements of actor Adnan Siddiqui.

18. Hasna Hasana Sohail Ahmed (Azizi) Kay Sath (ARFA KARIM RANDHAVA EXPO CENTER, 5:30 PM):
Mohammad Ahmed Shah likely hosted a session featuring the renowned comedian Sohail Ahmed (Azizi).

19. Closing Ceremony & Grand Mushaira (6:30 PM):
The festival concluded with a grand mushaira featuring esteemed poets and literary figures like Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Anwer Shaoor, Abbas Tabish, Fawad Hasan Fawad, Jawed Saba, Hameeda Shaheen, Shakil Jazib Mohsin Shakeel, Nasira Zuberi, Tehzeeb Hafi, Ahmed Salman, Pirzada Salman, Umair Najmi, Mohsin Changezi Waheed Noor, Qandeel Badar, Sadiq Mari, Beeram Ghouri, Injeel Sahifa, Sarwar Javed, Tasleem Sanam, hosted by Ambareen Hasib Amber and Shakil Khan.

The second day of the Pakistan Literature Festival at BUITEMS showcased the richness and diversity of literature, culture, and art, leaving attendees enriched and inspired by the myriad discussions and performances.