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Orientation for Fall 2023 Batch

Chairman of the Higher Education Commission, Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, visited BUITEMS on May 22, 2023, welcomed by the Vice Chancellor BUITEMS, Dr. Abdul Rahman Khan, and his team, highlighting the significance of BUITEMS and its progress in higher education. The visit of such a prominent figure underscores BUITEMS' significance and remarkable progress in a relatively short span of time.

During the visit, the Chairman engaged in various activities, including a campus tour and interactions with faculty and students. The visit also encompassed a productive meeting with the Vice Chancellor of BUITEMS, where matters related to enhancing education quality and current financial position of the HEI’s were discussed.

The Chairman of the Higher Education Commission expressed heartfelt appreciation for the remarkable efforts made by the institution and Vice Chancellor Dr. Abdul Rahman Khan. The Chairman commended BUITEMS as a leading institution in higher education and praised Dr. Khan's exceptional leadership in driving the university towards excellence. The Chairman highlighted BUITEMS' significant contributions to education, research, and innovation, as well as its commitment to creating a conducive learning environment and promoting industry-academia collaboration. This visit and appreciation serve as a testament to BUITEMS' dedication to academic excellence and its transformative impact on higher education in the region. The esteemed guest was presented with an honorary shield by Vice Chancellor Dr. Abdul Rahman Khan.