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5th Markhor Mathematics Competition

The Department of Mathematical Sciences successfully organized the 5th Markhor Mathematics Competition on December 4, 2023, in the Arfa Karim Expo Center. The event witnessed an impressive participation of approximately seven hundred students, marking a significant milestone in the competition's history. The BUITEMS Mathematical Society played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the event, working diligently to handle registrations from various institutes across the province. The team's professionalism was evident in the seamless execution of all necessary arrangements.
Under the guidance of Dr. Sardar Muhammad Hussain, and with the support of Aziz U Rehman, the focal persons for the event, the competition was conducted with precision and excellence. The dedicated efforts of the BUITEMS Mathematical Society members in generating individualized roll number slips for every participant and ensuring their timely distribution through email and contact numbers contributed to the smooth running of the competition.
The primary aim and objective of the Markhor Mathematics Competition is to ignite and nurture interest in the subject among students. By presenting challenges and intriguing problems, the competition seeks to engage participants in the beauty and excitement of mathematical thinking. The competition features complex problems that require both creative and analytical thinking, contributing to the enhancement of critical thinking skills among the young minds.
Furthermore, the overarching goal of BUITEMS is to serve society by attracting and nurturing young talent for higher education. Through activities like the Markhor Mathematics Competition, the institution successfully attracts gifted individuals, contributing to an annual increase in admissions. This competition not only serves as a platform for showcasing mathematical prowess but also acts as a catalyst for drawing in talented individuals who can further contribute to the academic community.
In conclusion, the 5th Markhor Mathematics Competition was a resounding success, both in terms of participation and the fulfillment of its objectives. The dedication of the organizing committee, the support from the departmental leadership, and the enthusiasm of the participants collectively made the event a memorable and impactful experience. The Department of Mathematical Sciences at BUITEMS remains committed to fostering academic excellence and cultivating a passion for mathematics among the youth.