China Study Center


Become the leading research and teaching center on the Chinese history, system, culture and Chinese language in Quetta for capacity building of the people of Balochistan.


To produce quality academic research in collaboration with Chinese universities focusing on CPEC, assimilate Chinese culture and be a base for teaching the Chinese language.


Pakistan and China began their relationship with the independence of both nations. This cordial relationship has flourished over the years in various fields ranging from strategic to economic ties. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is one of the major bilateral projects focusing on regional cooperation and economic benefits for both China and Pakistan. To strengthen the collaboration and understanding of the Chinese history, system, culture, language and economic/financial system, China Study Center (CSC) has been established in June 2021 at Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS). It is funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad under PC-1 for “Academic Collaboration under the CPEC Consortium of Universities”. BUITEMS is a member of the CPEC Consortium of Universities which pledges to enhance cooperation in business, science, and technologies between Pakistan and China.

CSC has been mandated to promote academic, research and cultural linkages among the Pakistani and Chinese universities. The Center will deal with multi-disciplinary research themes with a particular focus on CPEC. Besides, the CSC will undertake the teaching of the Chinese language and cultural domain to facilitate the capacity building of the people of Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular. This will help them interact with the people of China, especially connected with CPEC.

To pool resources, CSC is placed under the functional and operational control of Balochistan Think Tank Network (BTTN), a sister think tank located within the premises of BUITEMS and raised by the National Command Authority (NCA), Islamabad. The liabilities of logistic and financial support will remain with the BUITEMS.

Core Values

Maintain a working environment based on team spirit, mutual respect, seeking unbiased truth keeping supreme the national interest. Collaborative result-oriented academic research based on integrity, creativity, and quality is the hallmark of our core values and learning the Chinese culture and teaching of Chinese language with passion.

  • To facilitate capacity building of the people of Balochistan by teaching Chinese history, culture, art and language.
  • To conduct academic research under different themes in collaboration with Chinese universities/institutions of interest to both countries.
  • To promote research culture and initiate bilateral academic exchanges by creating linkages with Chinese universities/institutes.
  • To strengthen cooperation between the two countries by producing and disseminating academic knowledge of interest to both China and Pakistan.

Our Services

We are committed to becoming a hub of Chinese studies. The China Study Center facilitates and promotes the Chinese language, history, culture and arts. We undertake collaborative research focusing on Built Road Initiative (BRI), CPEC, regional connectivity, economy, and science and technology prospects to explore new horizons.

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Why Choose Us

Large Network

We are part of one of the largest networks on academic collaboration with Chinese universities as BUITEMS is a member of the CPEC Consortium of Universities. With a wide reach, we provide opportunities for growth by imparting knowledge of the Chinese system, history, language and culture.


we have professional faculty with firsthand experience and knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.

Innovative Academic Environment

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, we offer an innovative academic environment. Our Chinese language program is up to the standards and our collaborative research themes focusing on regional trade and commerce, and socio-economic prospects of BRI and CPEC are meant to capacity building of the people of Balochistan to enable them to reap the benefits of CPEC.

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