Vice Chancellor's Message

... Over the past century leadership as a construct has graduated from dated values pertaining to sheer power, to better information and sound technological knowledge. This shift in global management has impacted how nations are built and hence, the most iconic transformation can be seen in the sector of higher education. The prospects are getting rejuvenated through expanding the scope of the education from a mere exchange of information to innovation and inquiry, cultural preservation and altercations, and even enterprise and governance.

Keeping itself congruent to these transformations BUITEMS has assumed a pivotal role in the overall milieu of the province and the country. Whereas, we have added value to the physical environment through campus architecture, and the cultural environment by fostering creativity and expression; we have also generated multifaceted dialogues through creating an informed civic fraternity. The University and its community have become inextricably linked through economic and geographic ties. This evolving relationship presents both sides with opportunities and challenges, and BUITEMS realizes that a spirit of cooperation can yield mutually beneficial results for all stakeholders; the University may need to expand its campus, and a city may be looking to revitalize an industrial zone, or a small business may be looking to expand its sales. It has been proven internationally through extensive case studies, that maintenance of positive relationships between universities and their publics add value to a university itself and the communities they serve.

The presence of a university can have both a direct and indirect impact in bringing economic development and opportunity to a region. When negotiating economic development deals such as CPEC’s ubiquity within the province of Balochistan, the factor of educational development becomes crucial. Within BUITEMS currently, edifying professional occupations across region is a prior interest. This awareness is arising from the increased emphasis within the University on programs that aim to prepare students for specific occupational outcomes usually for the professions, and growing expectations that these graduates will be ready and able to engage in their profession. Moreover, these graduates are also given a flavor of loftier ideals to execute themselves as principled and humane members of society. All of this is made possible through educational programs that are being developed at the University with occupationally specific forms of conceptual, procedural, and dispositional capacities that comprise the canonical knowledge of the occupation and efforts have been directed to inculcate a reflexively critical capacity that prepares BUITEMS students to monitor, evaluate, and improve practice across working life.

The distinctive features of any entrepreneurial university are the strengthened steering core, the expanded developmental periphery, the diversified funding base, the stimulated academic heartland and the integrated entrepreneurial culture. These all reflect the product of a self-directed autonomy which innately encompass self-confidence. In the pursuit of sustainability, BUITEMS is also developing programs at academic peripheries, such as entrepreneurial programs to promote young start-ups. The ultimate idea is that the periphery, through generating resources, can protect the agile, creative and efficient young human talent anticipating opportunities to thrive. BUITEMS has incubated such ventures for quite some time now. We are making every effort to impact the society in a way that promotes decent living and self-sufficiency. In addition to all these efforts, our prime motive as a socially responsible HEI is to inculcate ethical values of integrity, dignity, and critical evaluation to promote a healthy society which is the pinnacle of human development.

Ahmed Farooq Bazai (S.I)
Vice Chancellor,