Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of Sociology

Sociology is an illuminating area of study that conceptualizes and explains most important matters of our lives. Sociology with the help of sociological perspectives aims at investigating social issues and their causes at national and international level. The subject matter of sociology includes Social Institution, Social issues, social relationship, gender identity, family conflict, poverty and wealth, prejudice and discrimination. At global level sociology investigates the causes and consequences of high population, war and peace and economic development. The horizon of sociology is very broad both in knowledge and practice. It is a diverse field of study of human behavior and the structure and function of human society. Sociologists are concerned with understanding various social institutions within the social structure such as family, economy, politics, religion, social class, race and culture etc. through sociological lens by applying various theoretical and research paradigms.

The Department of Sociology at Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Science, was established in 2015. To comply with growing needs of societal understanding of the society, BUITEMS started four years BS-Sociology Program, benchmarked with the top-notch universities of the world. The courses taught in sociology department inculcate new social concept and academic skills. The department of Sociology at BUTIMES is a family of faculty who are well experienced and committed to produce well trained social scientists. The department with the help of professional and highly trained staff aims to provide knowledge and skills to the students to think structurally and critically about the social phenomena. Our staff has taken initiatives to create a conducive research environment.

Following the changes in global dynamics, we consider it indispensable for our students to decipher the change in global sensibility. With regard to such a transition, the Department of Sociology offers indigenous and cosmopolitan knowledge combined with a variety of sociological perspectives to enriching their insights about the changes in the social trends locally and globally. Department of Sociology prepare students for jobs market and global knowledge industry. The graduates from sociology department may choose to pursue their careers in different government and private sectors including public health, education, corporate and media industry, legal and political institutions, NGOs or work as independent entrepreneurs.

Admission Requirement

  • Intermediate or equivalent with at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • Qualifying aptitude test with at least the desirable percentage as decided by the Admission Committee.

Degree Requirement

  • Total Credit Hours: 133-135
  • Total Courses: 45
  • Minimum CGPA ≥ 2.0
  • Academic rules

* For details Program Schema

Program Schema

The BS Sociology is a 4-years (8-semesters) programme in which students are required to complete a specified number of courses:

First Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology NA 3+0
2 HUM-163 Functional English NA 3+0
3 CS-103 Introduction to Computer NA 2+1
4 HUM-102 Pakistan Studies NA 2+0
5 HUM-369 Logic and Critical Thinking NA 3+0
Second Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 SOC-216 Development of Social Thought NA 3+0
2 HUM-268 Communication Skills HUM-163 3+0  
3 PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology NA 3+0
4 ECON-204 Introduction to Economics NA 3+0
5 HUM-101/112 Islamic Studies/Ethics NA 2+0
   6 MATHA-119 Mathematics NA 3+0
Third Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 SOC-317 Sociological Theories NA 3+0
2 POLS-101 Introduction to Political Science NA 3+0
3 PSY-304 Social Psychology NA 3+0
4 ENVIRON-101  Introduction to Environmental Sciences NA 3+0
5 MC-112 Introduction to Mass Communication NA 3+0
6 MGMT-104 Introduction to Management NA 3+0
Fourth Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 SOC-453 Social and Cultural Anthropology NA 3+0
2 LAW Introduction to Law NA 2+0  
3 SOC-217 Gender Studies NA 3+0
4 SOC-431 Sociology of Development NA 3+0
5 SOC-377 Pakistani Society and Culture NA 3+0
6 SOC-447 Social Work NA 3+0
Fifth Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 SOC-346 Introduction to Social Research NA 3+0
2 SOC-455 Rural sociology   NA 3+0
3 SOC-176 Introduction to Population Studies NA 3+0
4 SOC-376 Social Statistics NA 3+0
5 SOC-454 Urban Sociology NA 3+0
6 MGMT-304 Organizational Behavior NA 3+0
Sixth Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 SOC-456 Sociology of Globalization NA 3+0
2 HUM-265 Technical Writing and Presentation Skills NA 3+0
3 SOC-432 Race and Ethnicity NA 3+0
4 RES-407 Quantitative Research Methodology SOC-346 3+0
5 SOC-434 Sociology of Health and Medicine NA 3+0
6 SOC-438 Political Sociology NA 3+0
Seventh Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 MGMT-402 Project Planning and Management NA 2+0
2 SOC-379 Community Development NA 3+0
3 SOC-439 Sociology of Violence and Terrorism NA 3+0
4 RES-404 Qualitative Research Methodology SOC-346 3+0
5 RES-401 Thesis NA 0+3
    6   Elective I NA 3+0
Eighth Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1   Elective I NA 3+0
2   Elective III NA 3+0
3   Elective IV NA 3+0
4 RES-401 Thesis NA 0+3
5     Internship (offered in winter break, without credit)  
Elective Courses
S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 SOC-450 Rural Development   3+0
2 SOC-476 Conflict Resolution   3+0
3 SOC-233 Clinical Sociology   3+0
4 SOC-435 Industrial Sociology   3+0
5 SOC-433 Sociology of Media   3+0
6 SOC-457 Sociology of Law and Human Right   3+0
7 SOC- Urban Development   3+0
8 SOC-378 Criminology   3+0
9 SOC-436 Islamic Sociology   3+0
10 SOC-437 Sociology of Emotion and Feelings   3+0
11 SOC-460 Social Entrepreneurship   3+0