Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of English

Language is inherently loaded with ideological meaning, and understanding these imports of ideals requires an inquisitive mind, assisted by appropriate knowledge. The department of English aims at equipping the students with knowledge of linguistics, simultaneously introducing them to the aesthetics of literary studies, and infusing an interest in research.

Our undergraduate program introduces a range of subjects that not only induce the spirit of learning and exploration, but also provides them with a multi-dimensional world-view that inspires lifelong habits of critical thinking and compassionate understanding required for wholesome existence. While linguistic studies deal with the contours of communicative mediums, literature caters to instinctive understanding of life, encompassing a channeled arrays of cross-disciplinary concepts related to social, psychological and historical understanding, thus creating an influx of a sufficiently compact knowledge-base.

The department of English was established in 2011, with an aim to provide students with an opportunity to gain prolific knowledge in the areas of linguistics and literature .The department of English also serves a pivotal role in the enhancement of proficiency in all four skills of students from all disciplines across the University. The real aim behind initiating the Undergraduate program was to focus on understanding and preservation of literary and linguistic knowledge while equipping students with an organic sensibility towards the sensitivities attached to communicative traditions. Thus creating a simulative environment which impacts the thinking habits of all stakeholders, assisting them in making informed decisions in life. This corresponds to our overall mission of equipping students with the art of living

Moreover, our faculty is constantly striving to produce pertinent, productive research both in language and literature. We aim to stay au courant with the contemporary research trends and novel areas of studies related to the relevant fields, and we encourage our undergraduate scholars to invest in these areas of exploration.

Admission Requirement

  • Intermediate (FA, FSc, ICS) or equivalent with at least 50% marks in aggregate
  • Qualifying aptitude test with at least the desirable percentage as decided by the Admission Committee.

Degree Requirement

  • Total Credit Hours: 133
  • Total Courses: 44
  • FInal Year Research Prolject
  • Minimum CGPA ≥ 2.0
  • Academic rules

* For details Program Schema

Program Schema

The BS English is a 4-years (8-semesters) programme in which students are required to complete a specified number of courses:

First Semester
Sr. No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-131 Introduction to Literary Studies 3+0
2 ENG-102 Introduction to Language Studies 3+0
3 ENG-161 English I (Reading & Writing skills) 3+0
4 HUM-102 Pakistan Studies 2+0
5 PSY-101 Introductions to Psychology 3+0
6 SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 3+0
Semester Total    17
Second Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-132 Literary Forms & Movements 3+0
2 ENG-202 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology Prerequisite Introduction to language Studies 3+0
3 MATHP-102 Elementary Mathematics & statistics 3+0
4 HUM-101 Islamic Studies /Ethics 2+0
5 HUM-107 Introduction to Philosophy 3+0
6 ENG-261 English II (Academic Reading & Writing) Prerequisite:English I (Reading & Writing skills) 3+0
Semester Total 17
Third Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-201 Introduction to Morphology 3+0
2 ENVIRON-101 Introduction Environmental Studies 3+0
3 HUM-214 Islamic History & Culture 3+0
4 ENG-361 English III (Communication & Presentation Skills) 3+0
5 ENG-237 Short Fictional Narrative 3+0
6   Introduction to Computers 2 + 1
Semester Total 18
Fourth Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-231 Classical & Renaissance Drama 3+0
2 ENG-362 English IV (Advanced academic Reading & Writing) 3+0
3 ENG-204 Semantics & Pragmatics 3+0
4 HUM- 305 Human Rights & Citizenship 3+0
5 ENG-232 Classical poetry 3+0
6 ENG-233 Creative Non Fiction 3+0
Semester Total 18
Fifth Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-235 Global  Poetry 3+0
2 ENG-234 Foundations of Literary theory & Criticism 3+0
3 ENG-236 Rise of Novel 3+0
4 ENG-205 Introduction to Sociolinguistics 3+0
5 MGMT-202 Entrepreneurship & Leadership 3+0
6 ENG-203 Introduction to Stylistics 3+0
Semester Total 18
Sixth Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-335 Romantic & Victorian  Poetry 3+0
2 ENG-303 Grammar & Syntax 3+0
3 ENG-336 Modern Drama 3+0
4 ENG-302 Discourse Studies 3+0
5 ENG-333 Modern Novel 3+0
Semester total 15
Seventh Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-332 Literary theory & Practice 3+0
2 ENG-301 Introduction to Applied Linguistics  * 3+0
3 RES-203 Research Methodology 3+0
4 ENG-331 American Literature 3+0
5 ENG-334 Pakistani Literature in English 3+0
Semester total 15
Eighth Semester
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 RES- Research Project 3+0
2 ENG-434 Post-colonial Women’s writing 3+0
3 ENG-405 Pedagogical grammar 3+0
4 ENG- Elective I 3+0
5 ENG- Elective II 3+0
Semester Total 15
Program Total 133
Elective Courses
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-403 Introduction to Forensic Linguistics 3+0
5 ENG-406 World Englishes 3+0


Elective Courses
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-431 Comparative Literature 3+0
2 ENG-434 Post-Colonial Women’s writing 3+0
3 ENG-435 South Asian Literature 3+0
4 ENG-433 Literature and the Environment 3+0
5 ENG-432 Contemporary Poetry 3+0