Faculty of Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Sciences offers a variety of programs catered by the three departments of Management Sciences, Economics and Public Administration. The departments offer a variety of programs that enable students to enjoy academic and administrative positions in both public and private organizations. The department of Management Sciences focuses on nurturing and equipping you with the best skills of leadership and Management. Economics on the other hand focuses on upbringing the policymaking abilities in you which will help you in decision making. The public administration department prepares you to understand and perform the duties of public offices. ...

The faculty of management has proved to be inevitable in todays growing markets. The requirement for ambitious graduates is growing and an emerging trend towards industrialization and development has enticed the need for talented and skilled human resource in Pakistan.

The faculty seeks to sustain its achievements through work devotion, highest academic performance, commitment, staff recognition, talent nurturing and students potential grooming. The Faculty attracts a capable student body with diverse demographic profile from the remote areas of the country, with priority to the students from Balochistan. The student community from all walks of life enriches the Faculty with lively intellectual environment and makes it the Faculty of choice. The faculty provides a forum for a rich cross-fertilization of ideas and a valuable national networking opportunity. In collaboration with business, industry, government, Universities and the community, the Faculty is to be a catalyst in the process of social change and economic development through creation and dissemination of knowledge of the highest standards in Pakistan and the region.

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I welcome you on behalf of the faculty of management sciences to explore and find your way towards a career that you want to pursue. Faculty of Management Sciences is the right place to fulfill your ambitions. I am proud to share that our graduates are seen with admiration and that they are successful in the fields they are working in. ...
Faculty of management sciences holds a distinct place in the BUITEMS. The faculty is in the heart of the city and we enjoy a nice of mountains that surrounds the Quetta city. The faculty of management sciences stands on the shoulders of three dynamic departments of Management Sciences, Economics, and Public Administration. The faculty members are qualified and hold higher education degrees from almost all the continents. We offer a variety of programs of Bachelors, Masters, MS and Ph.D. The faculty graduate research office offers full support to research students both at Masters and Ph.D. levels. The students and faculty learn and share their ideas in the international and national conferences that the faculty organizes. All the programs, including MS and Ph.D. are recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The degree programs are constantly revised and recognized by HEC Pakistan and National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC).
We provide an excellent platform for students to flourish in extracurricular activities including art, literature, and sports. I am proud to share that our students have tremendous achievements over the years, and I enjoy seeing the trophies every day. Come and join us in fulfilling your wishes over an exciting journey.

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Dean FMS

Faculty Profile

Faculty from diverse fields with academic achievements from across the globe. For more information check out detail profiles.

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