Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities (FSSH) offers an array of degree programs under the umbrella of FSSH. Interdisciplinary, multidimensional and holistic education is inevitable in the challenging market of the world. FSSH aims to address this need of the youth of the country by offering graduate and undergraduate degree programs in seven disciplines.

Our mission is to provide to the students of various professions and disciplines, sound knowledge of social sciences _ a necessary tool in all applied sciences, engineering and technology, and of arts and humanities which make them socially responsible citizens with the right qualification as well as inculcate in them an inquisitive mind and the capability to question conventional wisdom.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH) deals with the modern appraisal of ancient studies, offering Undergraduate and Graduate programmes in the areas of Language & Literature, International Relations, Sociology, Mass Communication, Education, Fine Arts and Psychology. Moreover, our department of Humanities serves in auxiliary capacity. Our departments are making every effort to provide the students with a multifaceted, modern edification through a lucrative curriculum, and an environment to develop life skills through first-hand knowledge of field learning, seminars and workshops. The constant buzz of energy on the campuses makes the student-experience worthwhile.
In terms of career placement, the alumni of the FSSH are spread across public and private sector institutions, international organizations and civil society organizations. One of the major factors that makes educational involvement at our faculty different from other disciplines is the everlasting sense of fraternity, not only with their peers, but also with the instructors. This culture is priceless, and we are making every effort to sustain this experience.


Faculty Profile

Faculty from diverse fields with academic achievements from across the globe. For more information check out detail profiles.

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