Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

The Faculty of Information of Communication Technology (FICT) is an exceptional community of students, educators, scholars, and researchers who embrace the breadth of the computing and engineering professions. We are a diverse and vibrant community committed to foster advancements, promoting inter-disciplinary cross-cutting technological breakthroughs in a variety of fields including, artificial intelligence, robotics, embedded systems, electrical engineering, computer hardware, and software systems.

The FICT has seven departments offering degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the disciplines of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering. Our undergraduate degrees are carefully designed for engineers and computing professionals to cope with the strains of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and to cater to the specific needs of government and industry; promoting interdisciplinary research. We emphasize in nourishing entrepreneurial skills in our students, preparing them to contribute to the knowledge economy of the country.

ICT is the perceived economic engine for most advanced countries and can rightly transform our struggling economy. As we witness prodigious demand for technological advancements under the fourth industrial revolution (4.0), there is an everlasting need for innovative measures to cope with the strains. I am extremely confident in the future of our computing and engineering programs. The Faculty of ICT (FICT) and BUITEMS have strong leadership in place, remarkable faculty, an excellent student base, and an amazing group of supporters in you, our alumni.

Dr. Bakhtiar Khan Kasi

Faculty Profile

Faculty from diverse fields with academic achievements from across the globe. For more information check out detail profiles.

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