Tenders / EOI

Tender Name/ Detail PPRA Receipt No. Closing Date
ICT Equipment: Biometric Attendance Machine, IP Camera, UPS with Battery Bank, Smart LCD, Cat6 Cable etc TS539997E  27-05-2024 Download
Providing and fixing Iron Windows Grill and Door for Markhore Auditorium bathroom, Earth back filling and P.C.C for the Protection of Earthen Embankment and Drain at Takatu Campus. 27-05-2024 Download
Purchase of Furniture and Miscellaneous Items for Directorate of Sports 16-05-2024 Download
Laboratory Equipment for DNA Lab: TS537720E 20-05-2024 Download
Sports Wear and Articles: Track Suits; Shoes; Playing Kits; Socks; Kit Bags and Towels TS537723E 13-05-2024 Download
Providing and Fixing: PPRC Pipe; PVC Pipe; Water Pumps; Bib Cocks; Geyser and Toilet Shower etc. TS537718E 13-05-2024 Download
Office Equipment: Desktop Computer; Data Center Server; Photocopier; Printer and Multimedia etc. TS537719E 13-05-2024 Download
Purchase of Books and Journals for BUITEMS School of Law TS537606E 30-04-2024 Download
Sports Items (Track Suits, Shoes, etc.) TS536516E 30-04-2024 Download
Electronic Appliances required 30-04-2024 Download
Supply of Furniture for Residential Purpose TS536513E 30-04-2024 Download
RFID Card/ Blank: Dual Way Technology/Frequency: for issuance to student/ staff (Qty: 3,000) TS535758E 18-04-2024 Download
Tyres and Batteries: Tyres for buses/coaster and vehicles (Qty: 70); Batteries for buses/vehicles: 120Amp/100Amp/60Amp: (Qty: 30) 15/4/2024
OFFICE STATIONERY: Box Files; Binding Tape; Ball Points; Diary/Dispatch Registers; File Board/Laces; Gum Stick; Note Portion; Paper Ream; Pencils; Signatures Pen etc. 28/3/2024
Purchase of Sample Spinning System (Wool) & Wool Fiber Analyzer 28/3/2024
Purchase of Tyres for Buses 25/3/2024
Establishment of BUITEMS Sub campus Muslimbagh civil work of Package –l, and Package –ll 14/3/2024
Establishment of BUITEMS Sub campus Muslimbagh civil work of Package –l, and Package –ll 14/3/2024
Equipment for Plant Tissue Culture Lab 12/3/2024
Equipment for Computer Engineering Labs 07/3/2024
Equipment for Electronic Engineering Labs 07/3/2024
Equipment for Electrical Engineering Lab: Power Systems; Machine Lab; Basic Configuration for Test Set-ups 05/3/2024
Plant Tissue Culture Lab TS533228E 12/3/2024
Computer Engineering Lab TS532774E 7/3/2024
Electronic Engineering Lab TS532773E 7/3/2024
Addendum - Electrical Engineering Lab TS532540E 5/3/2024
Real Time PCR,  PCR Machine TS532341E 28/2/2024
Addendum - Civil Works, Muslimbagh Campus TS531738E 7/3/2024
Renovation Works - Washrooms - OAG Hall TS531601E 19/2/2024
Equipment for Electrical Engineering Lab, Power Systems TS531130E 19/2/2024
Answer Sheets - Continuation Sheets TS530898E 12/2/2024
Weather Station, Ground Water Monitoring, Multispectral TS529497E 23/1/2024
RFID, Blank Dual Technology Cards TS529285E 19/1/2024
Sample Spinning System, (Wool) & Wool Fiber Analyzer TS529091E 16/1/2024
Laptop and Printer TS526224E 12/12/2023
Office Equipment, Printers TS526127E 12/12/2023
Equipment, Microbiology Lab TS525621E 5/12/2023
Sample Spinning System, Wool Fiber Analyzer TS523134E 7/11/2023
Lab Equipment, Chemical Engineering Lab TS522578E 26/10/2023
CNC Lathe and Milling Machine TS520026E 25/9/2023
Stereomicroscope, Camera - P&G TS516523E 15/8/2023
Sustainable E Built Environment - Architecture TS516521E 15/8/2023
Track Suites, Shoes, Playing kit, Kit Bags TS514319E 14/7/2023