Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

Department of Information Technology

Science and Technology have shaped the globe in almost all fields of life. It has changed the way we do business, learn, communicate, and even how we entertain ourselves. Success in any field – law, medicine, business, education, entertainment, finance and investment – requires a command of Technology. Moreover, innovations in technology have enabled us to connect everything to the internet (Internet of Things-IoT). The department of Information technology aspires to equip students with a grasp of knowledge which can enable them to contribute to advancing technologies.

The Department of Information Technology at BUITEMS was founded in 2007 as an undergraduate program later on expanded its offerings to MS in Information Technology. The department has a growing, vibrant, research-oriented faculty who take great pride in research and education. We, at Department of Information Technology, are committed to imparting quality education in all horizons of IT including fields of computer communication, networking, security, software development, database management systems, programming, telecommunication management, artificial intelligence, enterprise systems and to examine the technical issues related to technology implementation.

The MS program of the department offers a two-year research degree in the specialized fields of telecommunication systems engineering and power systems engineering. The graduate students are required to complete the 24 credit hours of graduate-level courses and perform the six credit hours of research under the supervision of our well-qualified PhD faculty members.

Ranked by Higher Education Commission (HEC) as one of the top undergraduate programs in the field of IT in the country, the program prepares the students with a sound knowledge base of programming, systems analysis and design, business telecommunications, and database management with a concentration in a variety of areas. Our graduates are expected to have well rounded and a wide range of knowledge and competence in the sector of information science and technology. They are trained to work in the field of the production, development, management and maintenance of Technological systems, both for companies that produce information systems and computer networks and for companies, administrations, services and laboratories that use them.

Admission Requirement

  • F.Sc/ICS with Mathematics from any recognized board or equivalent with at least 50% marks
  • Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) in the relevant field securing at least 60% marks.

Degree Requirement

  • Total Credit Hours: 133-134 *
  • Total Courses: 37-43
  • Minimum CGPA ≥ 2.0
  • Academic rules

* For details Program Schema

Program Schema

The BS Information Technology is a 4-years (8-semesters) programme in which students are required to complete a specified number of courses:

First Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 IT-102/IT-102L Introduction to ICT None 2+1
2 CS-114/CS-114L Programming Fundamentals None 3+1
3 HUM-364 English Composition & Comprehension None 3+0
4 MATHP-105 Basic Mathematics None 3+0
5 PHY-205/PHY-205L Applied Physics None 2+1
6 HUM-101 Islamic Studies None 2+0

Second Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 CS-212/L Object Oriented Programming Programming Fundamentals 3+1
2 ENG-361 Communication & Presentation Skills None 3+0
3 MATHP-118 Calculus & Analytical Geometry Basic Mathematics 3+0
4 HUM-102 Pakistan Studies None 2+0
5   University Elective - I None 3+0
6 MATHA-234 Discrete Structures None 3+0

Third Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 CS-214/L Data Structure & Algorithms Programming Fundamentals 3+1
2 CS-332/L Database Systems Introduction to ICT 3+1
3 TE-307/L Computer Networks None 3+1
4   University Elective II None 3+0
5 MATHP-111 Linear Algebra None 3+0

Fourth Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 CS-341/L Operating Systems None 3+1
2 IT-332/L Web Technologies Programming Fundamentals 2+1
3 IT-321 Information Security None 3+0
4 STAT-101 Probability & Statistics None 3+0
5   University Elective III None 3+0

Fifth Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 HUM-266 Technical & Business Writing None 3+0
2 IT-421/L System & Network Administration Computer Networks 3+1
3 CE-303 Software Engineering None 3+0
4 IT-341 IT Infrastructure None 3+0
5 CS-231/L DB Administration and Management Database Systems 3+1

Sixth Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1   IT Supporting I None  
2   IT Elective I None  
3 IT-303/L Virtual Systems & Services Operating systems 3+1
4 MGMT-212 IT Project Management None  
5   IT Elective II None  

Seventh Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1   Final Year Project-I None 0+3
2   IT Elective III None 3+0
3 CE-132 Cyber Security Information Security 3+0
4   IT Supporting II None 3+0
5   IT Supporting III None 3+0

Eighth Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1   Final Year Project-II None 0+3
2   University Elective IV None 3+0
3   IT Elective IV None 3+0
4   IT Elective V None 3+0
5 HUM-302 Professional Practices None 3+0

Admission Requirement

  • 16 years of education or equivalent e.g. B.E/BS – 4 years in the relevant field from HEC recognized university with at least 60% marks (annual system) or CGPA 2.5 out of 4.
  • Admission test conducted by the University or its authorized testing agency with a minimum 50% cumulative score will be required at the time of admission.

Degree Requirement

  • Total Credit Hours: 30
  • Total Courses: 8-10
  • Minimum CGPA ≥ 2.5
  • Academic rules

* For details Program Schema