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Annual Reports
Annual Report 2019-2020New
BUITEMS prides itself for the dedication, commitment, hard work, innovation and team work of all the professionals from diverse fields. The entire community that is associated with the institution is infused with a vigor to strive for betterment wherever they stand. We at BUITEMS call that mosaic a family, the BUITEMS Family,
Annual Report 2018 Pakistan is a nation of young people. The National Human Development Report (NHDR, 2017) identifies that 64% of the population of Pakistan is under the age of 30, which translates into monumental energy in terms of human capita.
Annual Report 2017
University education needs to be given exceptional attention and thought for the development of intellectual and professional capabilities of the students. It essentially becomes our obligation to guarantee the scholarly ascendance of students..
Annual Report 2016
Success of every institution very much depends upon the team of people working for it and their level of participation and commitment to carry out assigned tasks for the common cause. It happens on reciprocal grounds, the institution in turn has to offer all possible opportunities for the promotion and intellectual growth of its faculty and employees.
Annual Report 2015
One of the great challenges for educational system and economy is maintaining global competitiveness in the face of emerging powers. The presence of a university can have both a direct and indirect impact in bringing economic development and opportunity to a region. The indigenous drivers within ...
Annual Report 2014
BUITEMS is built on the energy and drive of its people. This year’s Annual Report is all about capturing the dynamics that permeate classrooms, laboratories and all around campus environment. Our passionate academia have profoundly affected and groomed students. The University is making critical strides in the right direction by fostering its faculty and management for higher learning tier.
Annual Report 2013
Good governance has always been the key in the management of progressive institutions. Adherence to it requires the development of efficiency, non-corruptible attitudes and just responsiveness to the society. No institution can substantively provide all the resources for the development of the human capital but surely it can devise efficient processes that are, responsive, transparent and equitable; those deliver as per requirement of the institution and society.
Annual Report 2012
We, as human beings, have been blessed with reason and judgment to observe, analyze and assess things logically. Our youth today are exposed to global rush of information, which equips them with the capability to compare various aspects of a concept from a liberal point of view. They have the urge to probe newer avenues of knowledge and to introduce innovative trends in their respective fields of interest...
Annual Report 2011
Higher Education is imperative for the social, cultural and economic growth of nation and provides brighter prospects for the realization of cherished dreams on the part of its youth. University education has to give special attention to the development of students’ physical, intellectual and moral capacities. It, in turn becomes the responsibility of the educational institutions to ensure intellectual ascendance of students into visionary leaders...
Annual Report 2010
With our clearly defined vision and our avowed objective of inculcating in our students the traits of open-minded thinking, self-reliance and efficiency, we realize that well-educated youth hold the key to ushering in a new era of positive thinking and rejection of bigotry, parochialism and extremism. They as future leaders of our country can play a vital role in directing the nation’s outlook towards world peace and global fraternity...
Annual Report 2009
The demand for knowledgeable human resource is increasing both in the public and private sectors and graduates of BUITEMS bear the stamp of excellence in professionalism, competence and the insatiable thirst to surge ahead.
Annual Report 2008
We believe that such strengths go to the benefit of people from a variety of backgrounds with varied objectives to ensure the realization of their cherished dreams. The Annual Report 2008 of the university is being presented with a feeling of accomplishment of our avowed goals.
  Annual Report 2007
The Balochistan University of information Technology, Engineering & Management Sciences (BUITEMS) has the satisfaction of bringing out the Annual Report for the year 2007. This report reflects the current level of development and achievement of the objectives in different sectors of the university.