Hub for SDG 8

The Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) is the only university from Pakistan to become a hub for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). BUITEMS is dedicated to imparting quality education with a focus on research and equipping students to be productive members of society, contributing to the socio-economic uplift of Pakistan in general, and the province of Balochistan in particular.

In fulfilling its mission, BUITEMS aims for academic excellence and seeks to enhance its institutional capacities from partnerships, research, grants, and technology transfer. The institution wants to be among the leading universities of the world while being accessible to all, imparting quality education and promoting cutting edge research. BUITEMS has incorporated entrepreneurship in its curricula for all major degree programs and has also encouraged its students and alumni to plan their start-ups. To extend support to its students, the university, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information Technology, established a National Incubation Center (NIC).

The NIC, located on campus, is a pro-innovation hub and business accelerator that provides a platform to budding entrepreneurs to demonstrate their talent and passion to solve the problems of the province and beyond.


International Memberships