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Cultivating Quality & Excellence: Dr. Khalid Hafeez's Visionary Strategic Roadmap

In a significant event on August 17, 2023, The esteemed Vice Chancellor Dr. Khalid Hafeez convened a meeting with the university's valued faculty and dedicated staff. This gathering marked a momentous occasion as the university community extended a warm welcome to the newly appointed Vice Chancellor.

During the session, Dr. Khalid Hafeez shared a visionary perspective, outlining a comprehensive strategic roadmap aimed at fostering the institution's sustainability and financial strength. This multifaceted strategy encompasses educational excellence, curriculum enhancement, impactful research, and the conversion of knowledge into revenue-generating opportunities. It also involves nurturing staff and faculty growth, leveraging the National Incubation Center to enhance graduate employability, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting innovation through research and modernization.

Dr. Khalid Hafeez's dynamic and forward-looking vision resonated with the university community, garnering their appreciation for his commitment to elevate the institution. Faculty and staff pledged their dedication to actively align with these strategic directives, vowing to maintain a consistent and proactive approach to their implementation. This holistic approach set in motion a transformative era, encouraging regular reviews and follow-ups to ensure progress and accountability across these strategic trajectories. The convergence of Dr. Khalid Hafeez's leadership acumen and the enthusiasm of the university community sets an inspiring precedent for the collective journey toward academic excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth.