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Cultivating Collaborative Synergy: BUITEMS and UNHCR Foster Promising Partnership

In a significant development, Prof. Dr. Khalid Hafeez, Vice Chancellor of BUITEMS, led a productive meeting on August 17, 2023. The meeting included key representatives: Vivane Tebleros Plata, UNHCR Program Officer; Tesfaye Bekele Weldeyesus, Head of the Quetta Sub-Office; Abdul Ahad Khan, Livelihood Officer; and Muhammad Shah Khan, Director of NIC Quetta. The meeting's focus was the ongoing BUITEMS-UNHCR project, with both parties acknowledging BUITEMS' commendable efforts and fostering an optimistic outlook for future collaborations.

This engagement reaffirmed BUITEMS' commitment to meaningful partnerships and collaborative endeavors. The discussions underscored the shared vision and determination to make positive contributions to pressing challenges. As BUITEMS and UNHCR look ahead, this meeting sets a promising trajectory for innovative and impactful collaborations.