News & Events

Special Seminar and BUITEMS Math Circle

Mathematical Sciences, in collaboration with BUITEMS Mathematical Sciences (Student Body), hosted a seminar at 3:00 pm in the Pink Hall. The event featured two distinguished guest speakers from the Department of Mathematics at LUMS Lahore, who delivered a talk on an advanced mathematical topic. The seminar attracted attendance from faculty members and students representing various faculties of the university. Below, you may find more information about the speakers and the topic they presented.

Title: “Mathematics Through the Ages: Flourishing Through Different Eras”

Dr. Imran Anwar
Associate Professor & Chairperson
Department of Mathematics, LUMS Lahore
In this talk, we embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the flourishing of mathematics across different epochs. Our voyage will encompass the remarkable evolution of mathematical concepts, from the foundations of rationality to the frontiers of radical innovation. We uncover the fascinating stories of mathematical triumphs in various eras, shedding light on the enduring legacy of this timeless discipline.

Title: "Mathematical Modelling in Biology - Two Case Studies"

Dr. Adnan Khan
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics, LUMS Lahore
Mathematical models have been found very useful in advancing our understanding of biological processes. We explore the ideas behind such models by considering models from epidemiology and pharmacology. After considering the basic assumptions that go into formulating these models, we will consider their uses and limitations.

BUITEMS Math Circle and Workshop for school students

Department of Mathematical Sciences in collaboration with LUMS have initiated “BUITMES Math Circle” and as well as workshops for school students. The Department and BUITEMS Mathematical Society (Student body) hosted the first workshop of the series on November 4, 2023. In total 50 teachers and students were invited from three well-known schools of Quetta namely: Wilderness School, Beacon House and Pak-Turk School and College. Students enjoyed different activities and learned knowledge of Mathematics from qualified resource persons. The Department of Mathematical Sciences is determined to continue the Math Circle and invite more students from different schools.