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Advancing Higher Education Access and Quality for Refugees: Insights from the 2023 Policy Dialogue in Balochistan, Pakistan

On September 25th, 2023, the International Center for Refugees and Migration Studies hosted a pivotal Policy Dialogue titled "Ensuring Access and Quality Education for Refugees: Bridging the Gap between Policy and Practice." Esteemed dignitaries, including Vice Chancellor Dr. Khalid Hafeez from BUITEMS University, VC University of Loralai, Prof. Dr. Ehsaullah Kakar, Pro-VC Sardar Bahadur Khan University, and representatives from various universities in Balochistan, alongside key players and UNHCR representatives such as Ms. Tammi Sharpe, Tesfaye Bekele Weldeyesus, Ms. Viviane Tableros Plata, Mr. Arkadiy Leybovskiy, Mr. Jalal Khan Kakar, Mr. Sami Hashmi, and Ms. Noreen Sahar, convened for a crucial discussion. This event was also attended by significant stakeholders from governmental bodies such as HEC, BEF, PITE, CAR, and representatives from civil society. The dialogue centered on the pressing matter of ensuring both quality and accessibility within the higher education sector in Balochistan, Pakistan.