Graduate Studies Office

Why did you choose to come to BUITEMS?

After completing 4 years bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication, along with my studies I was exploring the best institutes which are known for its M.Phil., I choose to come to BUITEMS as it provides one of the best learning environments in Pakistan. Its advancement in modernization are the solid foundations of the education system.

What is it specially that your program offers that attracted you?

The program offers excellent quality assurance practices, with the system having to undergo multiple checks by the Instructors, industrial sectors and other professional bodies that oversee the administration of the education systems from all levels. Each course offered is objectively aimed at giving the student the best career edge as possible & it provides the student with a solid educational foundation to path his way to success in working life later.

What is like to be a grad student at BUITEMS?

Being a grad student at BUITEMS feels awesome, my passion for electrical communication has increased and I’m keen on learning and implementing new and unique concepts.

A word of advice:

The world economy is indicating a prosperous outlook in electrical communication fields. The demand for electrical communication expertise will increase, and more experts will be required to perform the job, I strongly recommend students to join BUITEMS as it right fit you.

Research Area?

Wireless Telecommunication