Graduate Studies Office

Why did you choose to come to BUITEMS?

BUITEMS has a well-rounded education system in Quetta and I decided to choose BUITEMS based primarily on the academic reputation for my major course. I liked the approach this university takes to my course as it fits in perfectly with my career aims.

What is it specially that your program offers that attracted you?

BUITEMS provides academic excellence and quality assessment which is what I am looking for my educational goals. my PhD program strengthens my ability to conduct my own independent research and allow me to showcase in-depth study in my specific area, discovering within fields of study.

What is like to be a grad student at BUITEMS?

Being a Ph.D Grad Student, I feel amazing to be capable enough to pursue my desired goal. I always wanted to do it for a long time and it's a goal realization moment. I feel privileged to be a part of small discussion classes with few students where all are working hard to understand and develop.

A word of advice:

Never be in a rush to complete it. "DOCTORAL STUDY TAKES TIME." Having patience is the only key for successful endeavors. "PH.D STUDENTS CARRIES WEIGHT". To remain sound for graduate study. It is important to focus on mental health, maintain a world outside it by being around friends and family.

Research Area?

Organizational Behavior and social Psychology