Graduate Studies Office


To provide quality education with cutting-edge research at par with national and international standards, and make sure we instill values in our students that will help social, economic, and cultural developments.


Graduate programs at BUITEMS are designed to meet competitive edge at national levels, producing qualified human resources to enhance:

  • The performance of our youth resulting in an improved society.
  • Socio-economic development particularly in Baluchistan and Pakistan, and in the world at large.
  • The capacity of the corporate sector.


  • To provide outstanding academic programs that further strengthen our performance, pre-eminence, and efficiency.
  • To provide an excellent teaching and learning environment to students to reach a level that matches the atmosphere prevailing at best universities in the world.
  • To raise revenues from partnerships, research grants, technology, and technology transfer while strengthening our ability to more effectively invest and allocate resource for education.

Core Values

  • Accountability: We are the committed stewards of the loyalty and goodwill of our alumni and friends of the human, fiscal, and physical resources entrusted to us.
  • Diversity: We recognize that diversity leads to excellence, enhancing our teaching, scholarship, and service as well as our ability to respect and interact with people.
  • Integrity: We practice honesty, truth, and integrity in everything we do.
  • Respect: We treat each other with civility, dignity, and respect.
  • Social Responsibility: We contribute to the intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and economic well-being of society.

Organizational Structure

Advanced Studies &
Research Board

The functions of the Advanced Studies and Research Board are:

  • To advice authorities in all matters connected with the promotion of Advanced studies and Research in University.
  • To consider and report to authority on the institution of research degrees in the University.
  • To propose Regulation regarding the award of Research degrees.
  • To appoint supervisors for postgraduate research students and to approve titles and synopses of their thesis.
  • To recommend panels of names of examiners for evaluation of their thesis and other research examinations.
  • To perform such other functions as may be prescribed by statues.

Graduate Research

Responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Conducting research proposals seminars of graduate students.
  • Evaluating and recommending research proposals to Advance Studies & Research Board (AS&RB) for approval
  • Conducting graduate students’ progress seminars
  • Recommending the cases of appointment of supervisor and co-supervisor to AS&RB for approval.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Graduate Studies Office provides the main administrative support to graduate students across the University. The staff members of GS OFFICE who primarily provide support for research student.


Dean Graduate Studies shall be responsible for:

  • Conducting aptitude tests for graduate research students in consultation with Registrar, Dean(s), and Graduate Program Coordinator(s).
  • Coordinating with Secretary Advanced Studies & Research Board (ASRB).
  • The presentation of research titles/synopses and allocation of supervisors in coordination with Dean concerned.
  • The presenting panel(s) of examiners to ASRB.
  • Facilitating Ph.D. theses defenses.
  • liaising with graduate program coordinator(s) and external examiners
  • Facilitating graduate training/seminar sessions.
  • Dealing with graduate students’ grievances and complaints in consultation with the concerned Dean.
  • Notifying leave of absence of graduate students.


The Director of Graduate Studies shall be responsible for:

  • Processing the admission of the graduate programs (Tests/Interviews etc.) in consultation with Registrar, Dean Graduate Studies, and Faculty Dean(s).
  • Updating the records of synopses/research proposals and theses.
  • Updating the academic records of the students.
  • Issuing certificates (NOCS, clearance, bonafide, etc.) to graduate student(s).
  • Coordinating with the Director QE&A for Graduate student’s theses plagiarism tests.
  • Supporting the Dean Graduate Studies for graduate training/seminar sessions.
  • Any other task(s) assigned by the university.

Program Coordinator

Dean of the faculty concerned or his/ her nominee with the Ph.D. qualification will act as Graduate Program Coordinator. The roles and responsibilities of the Coordinator include:

  • To convene the synopsis/research proposal defense.
  • To assist Dean Graduate Studies in interpreting technical aspects of examiners' reports.
  • Forwarding research proposals to AS&RB for consideration based on the recommendations of the supervisor (s) and Graduate Research Committee through concerned Chairperson and Dean
  • Forwarding to the GS OFFICE the graduate student's progress and seminar reports
  • conducting faculty-based post-graduate training/seminar sessions
  • Facilitating the students in matters relating to research and supervision

Program Manager

The chairperson of the teaching department concerned, or his/her nominee, will act as Graduate Program Manager to assist the graduate program coordinator and students. The roles and responsibilities of the Program Manager include:

  • Responding to admission inquiries within the department,
  • Organizing and managing research proposal synopsis presentations at the department level,
  • Attending to the graduate student inquires and problems,
  • Assisting students and supervisors with research related to budgetary issues,
  • Pro-actively working with students through research presentations, seminars maintaining regular contact, etc.
  • Advising students on regulations, leave, scholarships, and annual progress reports,
  • Advising students about research ethics and related issues.