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Google has officially announced on 22nd of June its android developers challenge top 10 winners. Among these winners our team from Buitems represented Pakistan.

Google’s (ADC) android developers challenge is an annual global competition where they short list the 10 android apps for a theme. This time the theme was to bring innovation with Machine Learning apps. Once shortlisted they provide mentorship and help the teams to complete their apps and publish to Google Play Store. Besides that each team leader was invited to Google headquarters at Mountain View CA, US for a week bootcamp to look at their app and brainstorming session and finally as a prize invite them to Google’s annual IO event 2021 (postponed due to COVID from 2020). Also the name of the winners remain at android developers page for a period of 3 years.

Among the top 10 winners 4 teams were from the USA, 3 from India, 1 from Germany, 1 from Africa and our team from Pakistan.

AgriFarm helps farmers classify crop disease by taking picture, provide market prices, recommend news and videos about agriculture. Besides farmers anybody interested in agriculture can utilize it to connect with each other.

As per my knowledge Pakistan has never qualified for ADC before and this victory is totally new for us as well for Buitems. But this is a shared achievement because I’ve spent 4 years in Buitems and it has a major contribution in our achievement. I want to thank you, Dr. Faisal and Buitems for the support and building such an environment on campus that lead us here.

Audiences in Pakistan are astonished as well because they never had such expectations from Balochistan and they probably don’t know about BUITEMS because everything outstanding is expected of universities like LUMS, Comsats, NUST and Fast etc. I’d like to suggest to take timely steps to promote this achievement under the flag of BUITEMS, Balochistan, to remind people all over the country that Balochistan has a great potential and specially Buitems is a society for talent that made country proud otherwise people will just mark it as an achievement of the country and won’t highlight any contributions to Buitems whatsoever, as highlighted in Techjuice.com official page.

We are graduating from BUITEMS this year and we'd love to feel proud while telling people from where we graduated and what the BUITEMS has achieved this year. Shortly after announcement of the winners we have received requests from Google Developers Group Karachi and Lahore to attend their community programs and share our experience. While other people are trying to reach out to discover working opportunities.

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