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Balochistan University of Information Technology,
Engineering and Management Sciences
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Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences is a notable addition to the galaxy of institutions of higher education in Pakistan. As originally planned, this institution has stood up to the expectations of fostering the students with new zeal and desire to excel. Our students not only cover the courses of studies for merely passing the examinations the sake of a degree; they are rather focused on mastering the entire relevant field of learning. />
BUITEMS has given a new vision and a distinct meaning to education as its guidelines for academic achievements are comparable to those of the most renowned institutions of the world. Academic excellence would be un-imaginable without the provision of physical environment and facilities conducive to the educational process at the campuses. One of the most impressive features of the university has been the continuous growth in the fields i.e. growth in quality human resources, laboratory facilities, incentives for diligent students, recreation and sports facilities, growth in every field that contributes to the promotion and excellence of education at the top-level.

Prospective Students
At BUITEMS our quest for academic excellence is based on five fundamental pillars; the students, the faculty, curriculum, the learning environment and the civil society we serve. It is resolved that in our academic offering we shall not only follow the standards; we shall also set new “standards of excellence.” Combination of world class precision and crafted curriculum, highly ranked academic research with excellent corporate relations, a blend of soft skills with hard knowledge, is a way to guide our alumni to the best of business and technological world. At BUIITEMS students are led to harness  content and diversity of communication in an  environment conducive to learning.

International Students
We, at BUITEMS, believe that diversity bring innovation. We highly encourage international students to apply for admission at BUITEMS. Many international students from different parts of the world are enrolled in various study programs at BUITEMS. The eligibility requirements for students are the same as for the applicants from within Pakistan. An applicant for transfer from a local or foreign institution is required to have passed the Institute’s admission test by securing equal or more marks than the minimum merit of the faculty in which he/she seeks admission. However, acceptance of request for transfer will depend on availability of seats, and the quality of academic work already done by the applicant.