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Faculty Development Program

Program outline

Faculty development program (FDP) was an initiative of HEC to improve the HRD capabilities of BUITEMS under Capacity Building and development called Faculty development program (FDP). For the accomplishment of HRD objective, BUITEMS has signed MOU with various foreign universities.

A faculty development review committee was formed to send staff members from different faculties under faculty development program or through different scholarships to strengthen the teaching level and to provide BUITEMS students with better teachers. Scholars who studied in different countries and universities came up with innovative teaching and research methodologies.

Presently 134 faculty members are doing their MS, MS leading to PhD and PhD studies in reputed National & International Universities. 41 faculty members are sponsored under Faculty Development Program of BUITEMS and 11 won Fulbright scholarship, some have been awarded scholarship either by the Australian Government / the China Government, Malaysia, Canada, NewZealand or HEC sponsored.

The following table shows the number of BUITEMS faculty members who have Completed / are completing their MS/ PhD programs at various foreign Universities.