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Directorate of Human Resource Development

Mission Statement

HRD is committed for continuous enhancement of expertise and professional competence of BUITEMS employees to ensure effective and efficient functionality of the university.


To be one of the leading HRD centers in Pakistan.


1.  To be a valuable strategic partner for the University by aligning and integrating all service areas of Human Resource Development to the overall vision and mission of BUITEMS.

2.  To develop BUITEMS employees to fill-up better positions in the organizational settings.

3.  To ensure the personal and professional growth of BUITEMS employees.

4.  To develop linkages with Public and Private sectors through providing trainings and consultancy services.

Strategies to achieve the objectives

  • Assessing the training needs of the university employees to identify professional competence/ expertise gap in consultation with the Deans of teaching faculties and the heads of administration departments

  • Designing and planning the various training programs to address the identified professional competence/ expertise gap.

  • Organizing HEC funded training programs.

  • Working in collaboration with the Directorate of Quality Enhancement & Accreditation (QE&A) to develop in-house training programs for improvement of quality functioning of the university.

  • Developing contacts with the government and non-government sectors to identify their training requirements and to design, plan and organize training programs to meet their requirements.

  • Organizing seminars, workshops, extension lectures for personal development of employees and promotion of congenial and conducive work environment.