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Balochistan University of Information Technology,
Engineering and Management Sciences
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Faculty of Information & Communication TechnologyNew

The importance of Information and Communication Technology in the present times can hardly be over emphasized, and we are aware of its tremendous potential as a means of progress and prosperity for our country. Knowledge has become the most important contributor to economic development.
Faculty of Engineering & ArchitectureNew
The Faculty of Engineering & Architecture is committed to use modern teaching technology to enhance student learning and continue a program of excellence in research to provide students with the necessary skills to achieve success....
Faculty of Management SciencesNew

The Faculty of Management Sciences is committed to develop student's presentation skills,analytical thinking faculties and critical understanding of management issues and solutions through various disciplines of management Sciences ...
Faculty of Life Sciences & InformaticsNew
The Faculty of Life Sciences & Informatics is the technology of hope for human kind in the 21st century with the help of Bioinformatics, Biotechnology researchers are vigorously exploring the boundaries of science to benefit mankind by finding cremedies for diseases, increasing the food production and protecting the ecology and environment...
Faculty of Arts & Basic SciencesNew
The Faculty of Arts and Basic Sciences was approved by the Senate in 2007 in its second meeting. The Faculty of Arts & Basic Sciences deals with disciplines pertaining theoretical and applied basic sciences, fine arts and aesthetics, and humanities. There are eight departments offering a range of Undergraduate and graduate courses....