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Campus Management Solution

BUITEMS on its roadmap to “Quality and Excellence in Education” is continuously analyzing its business processes and the tools that are being used to execute them. Back in 2006, BUITEMS worked closely with the Higher Education Commission and initiated “Campus Management Solution” project. After a detailed survey PeopleSoft Campus Solutionwas selected to be implemented at following six public sector universities:

- Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi.
- University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar.
- Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
- Islamia University, Bahawalpur,
- Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences Quetta.
- Punjab University of Lahore.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is the world's leading student system and alumni development solution for higher education and is being used at over 800 campuses in more than 20 countries including world’s leading universities like Stanford University, Cambridge University,  many more..


  • Campus Management Solution will provide the ability to streamline processes.
  • Reduce manual handling and Consolidate information into one Database, eliminating or decreasing the need for departments to maintain shadow systems.
  • CMS will make easier to prepare and generate reports from different aspects.
  • Benefits include improved service to students by many departments on campus, including Admissions, Advising, Receivable Accounting and Registrar’s offices.
  • Deliver role-based, 24/7 access to information and services in a secure learning environment.
  • Improve performance toward advancement and fundraising goals through effective communications, streamlined data collection, and 360 degree insight into the constituents.
  • Improve transparency, compliance, and efficiencies by effectively managing funding and student accounts.
  • Consolidate and secure data and person identity with service-enabled Person Data structures.
  • Promote data access and reusability through tightly integrated product suites.
  • Efficiently define and manage business processes to flexibly configure solutions to fit needs and requirements.
  • Meet the demands of student for intuitive self-service management of their academic lives.
  • Reduce administrative overhead through use of powerful utilities.


Campus Management Solution is the most responsive and comprehensive student administration system which covers all the phases of student life cycle at the university; right from his admission till he graduates and becomes an alumnus. Following are the modules available in CMS:
  • Recruitment & Admission: This module is capable to automate the admission process of university, it will generate merit lists according to the admission criteria and score of the admission test results. The system will make offering process automatic on the merit basis.
  • Student Financials: Student Financial module will keep record of each student’s financials comprising his fees, scholarships and waivers. Any student can get his status regarding credit or debit. This will enable finance department to easily find out the statistics relating to student finance.
  • Student Records: The Student Records application is a set of business processes which can maintain Course Catalog, maintain Schedule of Classes, define Repeat Checking Rules, Maintain Course Requisites, Process appointments, permissions, term activations, withdrawals and other term related activities.
  • Academic Advisement: Academic Advisement is the application within Campus Solutions that is used for degree audit i.e. to track the requirements that a student must satisfy in order to graduate.
  • Campus community: It is the foundation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions package It provides the 3C’s concept i.e. Communications, Checklists and Comments. It also enables to maintain People and Organizations data. It helps in Event tracking On and Off Campus events.
  • Grade Book: Gradebook helps to monitor class assignments and grades as well as facilitates communication between instructors and students.
  • Hostel Management System : 
    1. Hostel Management System (HMS) enables students to apply for hostel rooms and place requests/complaints.
    2. It enables the administration to allot rooms to faculty and students, to do mess billing directly to student accounts maintained with the accounts department, to manage the store inventory, to place notices online for the hostel residents, to mark attendance of both the hostel residents and their visitors.
    3.  It also provides reports like list of students who applied for hostel admission, snapshot of current hostel rooms allocation, inventory transaction history, and attendance report.
  • Campus Self Service:
      • Student Self-Service:
        • Access a secure 360-degree view of their relationship with the institution on a single web page.
        • View class and exam schedules, check enrollment appointments, and enroll or change enrollment in classes.
        • Request transcripts, view course and grade history, and evaluate transfer credit.
        • Manage their student accounts for charges, payments, financial aid, and admission deposit activity.
        • Make online credit card and eCheck payments.
      • Faculty Self-Service:
        • See a complete calendar of their classes. 
        • View a list of students who are enrolled or wait-listed for a class, plus those who dropped.
        • Send email to one student, a select group, or all students in a class—with just one click.
        • Access class information, such as start and end date, days and times, and location.
        • Enter midterm and final grades for each student.
        • Write notes to be displayed on a student's transcript.
  • Enterprise Portal: It is a world class portal solution with many robust content and collaborative features.
  • Contributor Relations: Contributor Relations gives the ability to manage relationship alumni and other donors. 
  • CollegeNet Scheduling System: It is world class scheduling system used across the globe. It provides detailed views of facilities and keeps track of any conflicts that might arise.