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Directorate of Communications


For the purposes of managerial perimeter and implications, “Directorate of Communications” include executive role of marketing, and communiqués creation and development which should follow the University’s management standards.


The purpose of the Directorate of Communications is to provide a process to ensure that the full implications of University’s marketing communications system, service and/or development are considered and that all relevant authorities/departments are consulted/consented.

The implementation of the process should act to:

- marginalize the University’s exposure to legal, security, compliance and/or branding and marketing issues, including subsequent financial loss, reputation damage or legislative exposure;

- clarify the roles and responsibilities of those involved in University’s image building communiqués and events;

- identify in a timely manner the individuals, groups or bodies who can advise on the implications of University’s marketing communications systems and services;

- and ensure that the ongoing support for implemented systems is planned and budgeted in advance of any implementation.