Quality & Excellence in Education

Balochistan University of Information Technology,
Engineering and Management Sciences
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Directorate of Quality Enhancement & Accreditation


QE&A aims at uplifting the quality of education and harmonizing the standards of degree of the universities with the international standards through the development of a sustainable mechanism of Quality Assurance in order to meet the dire challenge of transforming the Provincial status into a knowledge economy.


  • BUITEMS is endeavoring for academic excellence based on four pillars, the students, the faculty, curriculum, and the learning environment. The university shall set new standards of excellence, in the light of global developments and modern age scenario. The university is in search of top talent.

  • The mission of the QE&A is to strive for the means and ways to improve the quality of Education in the university and bring it at par with the level of top class universities of the world. For this purpose, the QE&A would put in all material and intellectual resources.

  • Developing a mechanism for quality assessment through constant monitoring and evaluation of faculty and physical facilities which must be helpful for the fulfillment of the university’s mission.

  • Creating awareness of quality assurance issue among the general masses, students, faculty members, keeping a national and international focus.

  • Strengthening and improving academic processes, procedures and practices within academic departments.

  • Encouraging National and International cooperation for accreditation and understanding of quality provision in education.

  • Organizing a system for assimilating feedback on our educational programmes from the stakeholders such as teachers, students, employers, government and non-government organizations, and to modify our teaching/ learning approaches in the light thereof.