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Newsletter 2020

First Quarter

The year 2020 brought a global pandemic that challenged every field, strata, and section of life worldwide. This unprecedented scenario knocked us all at multiple levels i.e. emotional, social, professional, spiritual, and financial. We were confronted by something unconfronted before in human history, the contagion did bring some extremely essential elements of life back to light. The global community joined together by the impact of the novel virus, realized that health, relationships and spiritual wellbeing are of prime i...

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Opportunity favours the bold. The unexpected pandemic may have washed off all our new year’s resolutions, the BUITEMS family, however, took the challenge and continued playing their respective roles during the trying times. We at BUITEMS are bound by common goals and direction for the future and that is what makes us a family. We all may have been witnessing and experiencing the pangs and pains of the pandemic around us nevertheless, we managed to work for the society by doing our best....
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Evolution is driven by challenges causing adaptation. Challenged with tall trees, giraffes evolved long necks, challenged with hard seeds, finches evolved tough beaks. The environmental challenges have made the human race evolve into human society. The human race today is challenged by a global pandemic that has coerced and restricted us all into the premises of our homes. However, evolution is the one constant inevitable force that keeps the human race breaking barriers and become more adaptable. ...