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Newsletter 2018
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Mother nature is our most reliable educator. It labels with gifts through messages expressed in the language and signs of change return on the bunch of seasons which is a cue for us to celebrate. Spring educates us in hues of sprightly and renewed colors that novelty and innovation are the spirits of progress, fall in its august sagacity has a lesson in the yellow leaves and dried weather, means to cherish the richness of life and to treasure the time withstanding virtues that civilizations have passed onto us as our heritage.

Third Quarter

"Universities HEI’s are essentially the cribs of the nation’s leaders. Life-long lessons of dedication, perseverance, professionalism and kindness are impacted by the academia through a number of academic and co-academic activities. Fortunately, the efforts extended by the BUITEMS leadership are reflected through our alumni’s affability and aptitude. We may have little control over future, but we can make our present significantly brighter and through that our future too.


Second Quarter

The functions of a university are multi-layered to an indefinable extent, but all such purposes are directed to develop academic excellence and are aimed to serve the objectives of students and teachers impacting consequently the society in the long run. Universities are no doubt the fountain-springs of knowledge and the most productive centers in this regard.


First Quarter

New Year; New Hopes. The earth may take the earlier months of a year for hibernation and preserving energies for the upcoming spring but our Markhors never rest. The buzz that the campuses have, the activities on sport grounds, the laughter, the excitement and the academic curiosity never ceases at BUITEMS. The earlier quarter of the year brought a trivia of sports activities and excitement for the BUITEMS family.