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Newsletter 2016

Fourth QuarterNEW

The classic cultural role of a university was a product of a specific set of historical circumstances related to a nationally framed education and cultural infrastructure. Universities now face a new environment which is changing their cultural relationship with the community. These circumstances can be understood as a number of push and pull factors which, considered together, are encouraging universities to engage more with their locality or region.


Third QuarterNEW

Higher education relevance and quality is the main forte to prepare students with apt and transferable knowledge, skills and core competencies elemental to their future success. Similarly, a higher education institution must create a high quality learning atmosphere acknowledging and supporting good teaching within a campus.


Second QuarterNEW

Universities are increasingly relying on external partner-ships for their staff member’s career uplift, and academic and administrative activities. Collaborations with other universities, especially on international horizon, can be construed academically as a lucrative surplus both for the individual and for the university concerned.


First QuarterNEW

It has always been challenging for a university to play its role in bridging the gap between the two inevitable constraints vis-à-vis labor supply and demand. A well thought and planned stream of placement efforts is a panacea which has proven viable and feasible to bridge this gap.