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Newsletter 2015

Fourth QuarterNEW

Advanced universities providing quality education, research and developing industry linkages, concomitantly, must offer opportunities of physical well-being to its pupil, as well. Both higher education and sports have many important roles to perform in the society. The role of sports ranges from healthy living and community access to world-class excellence.


Third QuarterNEW

Impact of universities is largely determined by individual efforts and involvement in the academic, interpersonal, and co-extracurricular offerings on a campus. Such activities are associated with a range of positive educational practices and conditions, including studentfaculty contact, active learning, peer interaction, prompt feedback, and inclusive learning environments.


second QuarterNEW

In an ever changing world as we have today, staff development is the key. Lacking this development will put a burden on our future as a society. Even educators with years of experience tend to fall into a rut. It’s natural human instinct to stagnate. A refresher course or learning something new can benefit all teachers, whether their focus is the refinement of content area teaching skills or moving into a new area of study.


First QuarterNEW

Academic researchers suggest that the impact of a university is largely determined by individual effort and involvement in the academic, interpersonal and extracurricular offerings on a campus. Engagement in campus-based extracurricular activities is positively related to students’ general life satisfaction and levels of academic involvement. Experiences of BUITEMS students in such activities have improved their self-confidence, personal grooming, and time management ...