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Newsletter 2014

Fourth QuarterNEW

BUITEMS focus, for past couple of years, has been on strategic planning efforts directed for and by its faculty, administration, and students, at all levels of the University. These efforts resulted in fortifying our academic processes and programs in which all of them participate to steer its cog wheels. BUITEMS have clearly established itself as a stronger institution with a higher academic quality. Bringing our faculty and administrations on a learning tier has been an arduous task for the higher management.


Third QuarterNEW

Professional life in higher education necessitates a tremendous learning curve as professionals and faculty within a university are introduced to the new demands and trends associated with their tasks on their respective university positions. Each institution is its own living, breathing unit, and seasoned professionals and faculty require from time-to-time mentoring and career path strategies to foster themselves to grapple the oncoming challenges in higher education.  

Second Quarter

The primary objective of BUITEMS is to serve the nation by providing competent human resource. In this regard, BUITEMS growth has been phenomenal in the recent years which is reflected by its popularity and successive increase in the number of applicants every year for its degree programs. The architects of this university “BUITEMS family” as we identify them, include, teachers, students and management led by the Vice Chancellor, who work as a team to build the environment suitable for youth and their education with difference.

First Quarter

The economic future and productivity of a nation is based on the ability of its people to learn and to innovate. BUITEMS, as a premier institution of higher education and learning, has always recognized the need of playing its due role in the development of knowledge economy. Providing education and ultimately effective incorporation of trained human resource in the society is the desired outcome of the role which a university can play for a nation. The growth of a society in terms of enlightenment and progressive attitude of its members, in addition, leads to enrich the culture and serve the humanity.