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Newsletter 2013
Fourth QuarterNEW

Universities have to gain recognition through increasing capacities of teaching and research. Endeavors of the educational institutes are also characterized by close links among pedagogue, learning, research and collaboration of researchers. Engaging students in research is essential, not only because it promotes their critical and creative thinking skills, it also encourages them to develop research based-concepts and enables them to participate in innovation of products and national productivity.
Third Quarter

Enriching, colorful, insightful and induced with opportunities to reflect – that’s Fall Semester at BUITEMS. With a promise of abundance in the following spring, and a fresh intake of students, Fall Semester encompasses a trail of exciting events scheduled for the BUITEMS family. This year too, BUITEMS started afresh after the holy month of Ramadan and Eid with exciting activities like fund raising events, admissions, workshops, exhibitions and such.
Second Quarter

Nature is essentiality our most primitive educator. It provides us with various signs and transitions to learn from. The shift of seasons is an omen in itself to announce a change. In this connection, spring is the most celebrated and prolific season of all, much anticipated after long, cold winters. Spring in BUITEMS is welcomed with fresh spirit and fervor each year, accompanied with colors and fragrances, and new and vivid spectacles symbolically prophesying a bright future.
First Quarter

The year 2013 commenced endowing the people with new hope and fresh zeal to propel the country back on the track of progress and development. There is an ample scope of demonstrating a jubilant turn-around in the existing national scenario of dejection and despondence. The country is rich in talented human resource and immense untapped material resources. It is looking for focused vision and pragmatic direction to bring about a silent revolution.