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Newsletter 2011 
Third & Fourth Quarter

BUITEMS has stepped into the 10th year of its life. The objective of establishing BUITEMS was to provide quality education in disciplines which are relevant to the demands of the twenty first century. With the establishment of this University, modern educational facilities were made available to the youth of Balochistan, at their own door-steps.
Second Quarter

Effective education is always focused on stimulating the intellect and satisfying the aesthetic sensibilities of the human beings. All steps and all activities, which help in developing the total personality of the pupil, fall within the ambit of meaningful education. Every human being is born with the potential and talent to flourish intellectually, but he/she does need proper environment and opportunities to grow and exhibit his/her innate capabilities.

First Quarter

Education is universally recognized as a fundamental building block for human development and one of the strongest instruments for developing a country. It is a powerful driver for development of individuals and society‚ÄĒimproving health, gender equality and stability. For this reason BUITEMS is engaged in the task of imparting knowledge and inculcating in the students such traits which make them successful as professionals good human beings.