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Newsletter 2009 
Fourth Quarter

There is never a dull moment at BUITEMS and the first flakes of snow hailed in the 5th convocation ceremony. A fresh batch of well-groomed students standing on the threshold of their professional lives was a sight worth beholding. They reflected competence and confidence of not only being able to do full justice to the tasks assigned to them in future, but their faces also radiated with the assurance of being able to mould  ...

Third Quarter

Fall Semester 2009 has got off to a brisk start with the induction of 720 fresh students, who enter the doors of the university with the ambition of equipping themselves with the latest knowledge to help them shoulder the responsibilities of future. They would be endeavoring to learn to stand on their own feet, confident and competent enough to tackle ...

Second Quarter

It is the collective genius of students, teachers, administrators and all those who matter to decide and follow the guiding principles of the BUITEMS vision; which makes the difference. It is their free will and love to learn, educate and to experience as a team, that leads us to our rewards in pursuit of our stated goals...

First Quarter 

Public sector universities in Pakistan have the responsibility of generating the well - educated human capital to run the affairs of the nation. Such human capital is inevitable for the productivity increase and uplifting of services in various fields. The emphasis placed on higher education a few years back presented a ray of hope that, with preferential funding, public universities in ....