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Newsletter 2008
Fourth Quarter

Another landmark in the history of the BUITEMS was reached when the 4th Convocation of the university was held on Tuesday, December 16, 2008. The historical event was marked by radiance of faces of the passing out graduates and impressed everyone with the splendor and air of festivity....
Third Quarter 

About 865 new students have embarked on the voyage of gaining meaningful grasp over the essentials of their subjects of study, thus gaining competence and confidence as useful members of the society. It has been demonstrated time and again, that our students are not contented with the passing of examinations or getting degrees only ...
Second Quarter

The functions of a university are multifaceted to the extent that they can be termed as 'indefinable', but all those functions can be aptly synthesized into one outcome that is "Development of the Human Personality". Curricular and the extra-curricular activities group together for facilitating the desired development ...
First Quarter 

The quantum of the people in the age of industrial expansion and scientific advancement is cultured at the educational institutions, especially at the universities. I is the creative thinking and not the cramming culture that gives rise to originality and innovation ...