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Department of Mathmetical Sciences


The Department of Mathematical Sciences was established in 2003. The department provides instructional support to all the faculties of the University in teaching of courses pertaining to Mathematical sciences. The department also offers its own graduate and undergraduate programs leading to MS (Mathematics) and BS (Mathematics) degrees. These programs are carefully designed with thoughtful selection of courses from applied, pure, financial, and computational domains of mathematics in the light of guidelines provided by HEC.  


Our vision is to be among the leading Mathematics departments of the country, which provides quality education in Mathematics and is center of active and innovative research.


The department aspires to promote understanding of Mathematics by means of instruction and research and inculcate in students attributes of logical and critical thinking.

Aims and Objectives

The Department of Mathematical Sciences aims to:
• Train students in solving complex mathematical problems
• Create knowledge through intensive research activity
• Provide instructional support to other departments of the University
• Develop human resource equipped with skills to resolve complex issues in engineering; humanities; social, natural, basic and other sciences
• Train students to appreciate the higher level of abstraction
• Develop capacity of mathematical thinking of students
• Liaison with other schools of Mathematics for sharing of knowledge and ideas
• Keep abreast with latest developments in Mathematics and update curricula accordingly
• Instill in students a spirit to excel in Mathematics, demonstrate innovation and originality, and contribute for welfare of society
• Produce proficient mathematicians having conceptual clarity and ability to express their thoughts and ideas in logical and coherent manner.


The Department of Mathematics is established for providing education in Mathematical sciences to students hailing from Balochistan in particular and from other parts of Pakistan in general. Admission to foreign students is also offered on limited seats. The Department offers programs in various specializations which include pure, applied, computational and financial Mathematics. Academia and students frequently participate in national, regional and international conferences. The research interests of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at BUITEMS range from abstract to practical aspects of the discipline. Building on our current strength, our goal, in the department, is to strengthen areas related to Pure and Applied Mathematics. We believe that it will help students keep pace with latest trends in mathematics on the one hand and contribute to society at large on the other.

Admission Criteria

BS Admission:
Intermediate with Mathematics from any recognized board or equivalent with at least 45% marks and entry test conducted by NTS.

MS Admission:
16 years education from any HEC recognized institution in Mathematics and entry test conducted by NTS.


BS Mathematics
MS Mathematics


Syed Hasrat Hussain Shah

Incharge Chairperson (Mathematics)
UAN: 081-111-717-111, Ext: 925
hasrat.hussain [@] buitms.edu.pk

Courses for BS (Mathematics)

S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
1 MATH MATHP-167 Calculus I 4+0  
2 MATH MATHP-251 Elements of Set Theory and Mathematical Logic 3+0  
3 HUM HUM-191 /112 Islamic Education/ Ethics 2+0  
4 CS CS-101/101L Introduction to Computers 2+1  
5 HUM HUM-164 English I (Functional English) 3+0  
6 EVIRON ENVIRON-102 Environmental sciences 3+0  
Total 17+1 = 18
1 MATH  MATHP-267  Calculus II 3+0 MATHP-167
2 SE SE-171 Introduction to MATLAB or Maple 1+2  
3 MATH MATHP-201  Introduction to Statistics 3+0  
4 HUM HUM-261 English II (Communication Skills) 3+0  
5 HUM HUM-102 Pakistan Studies 2+0
6 HUM HUM-104 Introduction to Sociology 3+0  
Total 15+2=17
1 MATH MATHP-311 Algebra I (Group Theory) 3+0  
2 MATH MATHP-268 Calculus III 4+0 MATHP-251
3 HUM HUM-362 English III ( Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills) 3+0 MATHP-267
4 MATH MATHP-111 Linear Algebra 2+1  
5 HUM HUM-136 Introduction to Psychology 3+0  
Total 15+1=16
1 MATH MATHP-231 Affine and Euclidean Geometry 3+0 MATHP-167
2 MATH MATHA-334 Computational Linear Algebra 2+1  
3 MATH MATHA-23 Discrete Mathematics 3+0  
4 MATH MATHP-271 Numerical Methods 3+1 MATHP-267
5 ECON ECON-106 Principles of Economics 3+0  
Total 14+2 = 16  
1 MATH MATHP-341 Point Set Topology 3+0
2 MATH MATHA-345 Classical Mechanics 3+0  
3 MATH MATHA-274 Ordinary Differential Equations 3+0 MATHP-167
4 MATH MATHP-369 Real Analysis I 3+0 MATHP-267
5 MATH MATHP-312 Algebra II (Rings and Fields) 3+0 MATHP-311
Total 15+0 =15
1 MATH MATHP-331 Differential Geometry 3+0 MATHP-167
2 MATH MATHP-479 Partial Differential Equations 3+0 MATHP-274
3 MATH MATHP-373 Numerical Analysis 3+1 MATHP-271
4 MATH MATHP-269 Complex Analysis 3+0  
5 MATH MATHP-367 rear Analysis II 3+0 MATHP-369
Total 15+1=16
1 MATH MATHP-426 Number Theory 3+0  
2 MATH MATHP-367 Functional Analysis 3+0  
3 MATH   Elective-1 3+0  
4 MATH   Elective-2 3+0  
5 MATH MATHA-346 Mathematical Methods 3+0  
Total 15+0=15
1 MATH MATHA-301 Probability Theory 3+0 MATHA-201
2 MATH MATHP-490 Integral Equations 3+0  
3 MATH   Elective-3 3+0  
4 MATH   Elective-4 3+0  
5 MATH MATHP-401 Project 3+0  
Total 15+0=15  
Program Credit Hours 128 Total

Courses for MS (Mathematics)

S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
1     Core-1 3  
2     Core-2 3  
3 Core-3 3
4     Core-4 3  
Total 12  
1     Elective-I 3  
2 Elective-II 3
3     Elective-III 3  
4     Elective-IV 3  
Total 12  
Semester-III & IV
1 Thesis 6
Total 6  
Program Credit Hours 30 Total
Core courses for MS (Mathematics)
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
1 Pure Maths MATHP-524 Theory of Group Actions 3
2 Pure Maths MATHP-531 Riemannian Geometry 3
3 Pure Maths MATHP-543 Topology 3
4 Comp. Maths MATHA-531 ODEs and Computational Linear Algebra 3
5 Applied Maths MATHA-548 Integral Equations 3
6 Pure Maths MATHA-575 Theory of Partial Differential Equations 3
7 Comp. Maths MATHP-533 Numerical Solutions of PDEs 3
8 Pure Maths MATHA-549 Advanced Mathematical Physics 3
9 Applied Maths MATHA-532 Special Functions 3
10 Applied Maths MATHP-552 Research Methodology 3
Elective courses for MS (Mathematics)
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
1 Pure Maths MATHP-652 History of Mathematics 3
2 Pure Maths MATHP-667 Approximation Theory 3  
3 Pure Maths MATHP-668 Fixed Point Theory 3  
4 Pure Maths MATHP-511 Rings and Modules 3  
5 Pure Maths MATHP-618 Lattice Theory 3  
6 Pure Maths MATHP-617 Commutative Algebra 3  
7 Pure Maths MATHP-612 Category Theory 3  
8 Pure Maths MATHP-651 Axiomatic Set Theory 3  
9 Applied Maths MATHP-670 Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations 3  
10 Applied Maths MATHP-641 Contemporary Strategic Studies 3  
11 Applied Maths MATHP-642 Classical Electrodynamics-I 3 MATHA-641
12 Applied Maths MATHA-643 Representation Theory-I 3  
13 Applied Maths MATHA-644 Representation Theory-II 3 MATHA-643
14 Applied Maths MATHA-632 Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD). 3  
15 Applied Maths MATHA-633 Multi-resolution Geometric Modeling 3  
16 Coputational Maths MATHA-634 Mathematical Modeling 3  
17 Applied Maths MATHA-646 Perturbation Methods I 3  
18 Pure Maths MATHP-669 Geometric Function Theory 3  
19 Applied Maths MATHA-645 Fluid Mechanics 3  
20 Pure Maths MATHP-615 Banach Algebras 3  
21 Pure Maths MATHP-616 Theory of Group Graphs 3
22 Applied Maths MATHA-550 General Theory of Relativity 3