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Takatu Campus

.The Takatu Campus is one of the three campuses of BUITEMS is spread over a vast of 108 acres situated on Quetta Chaman Road in the North West of Quetta at a distance of10 Km from the City Campus. The campus provides latest physical facilities, cutting-edge laboratories, well-stocked libraries and pollution free atmosphere conducive to meaningful learning and valuable research. A lot of construction projects are under way for boosting up the multifarious services provided here.

BUITEMS Takatu Campus houses four faculties i.e. the Faculty of Information & Communication Technology, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Arts & Basic Sciences. The Campus, as such forms the hub of major academic, research and administrative activities. Expo Centre is one of the major assets of BUITEMS and stands as a distinguishing feature of the university. With its huge capacity, the Expo Centre is ideal for holding conventions, convocations and exhibitions. Along with the Expo Centre there is a Petroleum Lab which has been constructed by experts from outside of the city. For Textile Engineering there is a textile lab so as to prepare the students for the industry. There are latest labs for all the other IT and Engineering programs.

The central administration of BUITEMS lies in the Takatu campus. All the main offices and the central administration are housed in this campus. Thus it is the core of the University. Starting from the VC Office to the Projects and Planning office; every office is accommodated within this campus. All the major meetings i.e. the governing body, the heads of departments and offices are conducted within the premises of the Campus. It is equipped with the latest technology and therefore records of each meeting are kept for future references. The third major role that this campus plays is that it is the networking centre of the university and thus it is the control centre of the wireless connection for both the campuses. The networking system of the university is highly efficient and it provides the university with fast access to the internet global village.

The Takatu Campus provides accommodation to a large number of students coming from within Pakistan and also from abroad. This hostel is being expanded so as to accommodate lot more students and provide them comfort and lifestyle to suit each and every individual. This is within the campus, therefore, it is very convenient for the students to avail the facilities on the campus. The hostel has strict disciplinary rules applied to ensure that no ethnic communities are formed within the hostels and everyone stays away from politics.

City Campus

The City Campus is located in the heart of Jinnah Town, away from the noise of the city and providing an atmosphere of peaceful pursuit of learning without any distractive interferences.

The City Campus accommodates the Faculty of Management Sciences. The Financial Engineering Laboratory at the campus offers tools, techniques and models for analyzing large business entries, financial and economic details of commercial projects, performance of capital markets, venture analysis and financial decision making. The building comprising three floors, houses the faculty offices, class rooms, library and a spacious auditorium for holding seminars and presentations. The class rooms are furnished and fitted with facilities like multimedia, net-working, white boards and comfortable furniture in order to generate maximum motivation for learning among the students.

The students have full access to the facilities at both locations as commuting is no problem. University buses ply between the two campuses every two hours. The students can comfortably work and practically apply the knowledge within this campus. The details of the facilities provided in this university are given under the section of campuses.