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Balochistan University of Information Technology,
Engineering and Management Sciences
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Vice Chancellor's Message

 The universities play a crucial role in leading the nations to positions of esteem and strength. Advanced knowledge is the most important contributor to professional and economic development. Today the vital share of knowledge in the world economy and the political dominance of the developed countries, are so conspicuous that developing nations like ours can not afford to ignore the fundamentals of the knowledge foundation i.e education, technical skills and research. Such hybrid academic approach is essential for the emergence of our nation as a power to be reckoned.

 There can be no substitute for hard work and determi-nation; there is no room for complacency or lethargy in the modern world of competition; there is no short-cut to respectable living; and there can not be any compromise on the quality of academic and professional achievements. By the grace of Almighty, BUITEMS has succeeded in building traditions of discipline, hard work, open-minded educational approaches and insistence on quality and excellence. Our students have been upholding the norms of meaningful acquisition of knowledge and unprejudiced endeavor to excel.

Let us resolve, once again to maintain our traditions and welcome the New Year with the pledge of infusing a new spirit of search for excellence in every field. Let us resolve to fix new targets to be achieved, so that we may be able to raise our heads higher when we take stock of our performance, a year later. For this, every one of us will have to develop regular work habits, apply clear thinking and demonstrate the courage to compete.

 BUITEMS has opened a number of new venues for academic enterprises. The students are advised to exploit those venues to the maximum, so that they may be able to claim kinship with the advanced modern world. They must shrug off the trend of being led. They ought rather to lead by being innovative and enterprising.

"Wish you a brave and bright future"

Engr. Ahmed Farooq Bazai
Vice Chancellor
Balochistan University of Information Technology,
Engineering and Management Sciences