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Current Students
Our first priority at BUITEMS is our students. We want to make sure you that have the information, resources and support, you need to succeed at the university, and for a lifetime.

As a BUITEMS student, you're now a  part of one of the nation's largest graduate engineering,management and applied science schools. BUITEMS is a community known for its excellence - a student body of more than 3,700 accomplished professionals and faculty from leading corporations. You are advised to look up for full details on individual course profiles, credit hours and research aspects so as to get the maximum out of your courses. 

Library and Research Resources

The City Campus of the University maintains a computerized library that remains open to all students and teachers from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.The library has a core collection of more than 5000 books, references, research journals, magazines and periodicals in the areas of Management, Finance, Economics and Marketing. In addition, the library maintains a wide variety of specialized information, including publications of international and national organizations and statistical data and government documents. On-line research facilities and access to internet are conveniently available to teachers as well as students. Digital Library 

At Takatu Campus the library consists of about 3000 essential Engineering text books, as well as reference books, journals and on line PERN digital labrary available on HEC Website for down loading research materials.

Computer Laboratories

The computer laboratories namely Blue Chip, CAD/CAM, Multiprotocol and Advanced Computing laboratories are equipped with more than 200 computers and with internet and latest software facilities. The faculty has also hardware laboratories of Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering equipped with latest sophisticated equipment. All the teachers are provided with personal computers for use in their offices. Besides, adequate printing facilities are made available for all teachers and students. They have also access to photocopying facility.

Audio-Visual Facilities

The faculties are well equipped with all the modern facilities including slides,overhead projectors, multimedia systems, television and V.C.R. The teaching staff and the students, working in groups or alone, make the optimal use of the audio-visual aids.

Counseling Service Unit

The counseling services unit works closely with students throughout their career development process, helping them develop career options and establish contact with potential employers. The students are provided with occasions to reorient their behavioral pattern, their basic self-goals and socio-cultural values through perpetual counseling, group discussions, dialogues and consultation with their teachers.