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Directorate of University Advancement & Financial



At students’ Financial Aid Office, we are committed to providing financial assistance to the students from the less developed areas of Pakistan, in general and Balochistan, in particular, as a way to increase access to higher education. We aim at fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders as a means to raise funds for the needy students

Strategic Directions

  • Increase the no. of students who get financial assistance to 50%.
  • Private partnerships/ university-industry linkages strengthened and 80% students get paid/unpaid internships.
  • Endowment Fund established and 10% students get financial aid from the fund.
  •  Students employees of Work-Study Program increase to 5%.
  • BUITEMS Trust established and 10% students get financial aid from the Trust.
  • Corporate sector and well-off individuals from different spheres of life brought into picture and persuaded to assist students in need of financial assistance.